Sallent de Gallego, visit one of the most beautiful villages in Spain!

This charming little village in the province of Huesca in Spain is an incredible place. Sallent de Gallego is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees. A charming village by the lake and in the middle of nature. A magnificent place to discover.

A destination not to be missed in Spain

Spain has many charming villages with architectural and cultural treasures that you can visit serenely with Sallent de Gallego is located in the Upper Gállego region with the Tena Valley and Serrablo. The village is located near the ski resort of Formigal, one of the resorts that attracts many people to the Pyrenees of Aragon.

This station has the advantage of being in an exceptional natural site. The landscape of high mountains, forests and lakes offers a marvelous spectacle. Admire the beauty of the peaks.

The village benefits from its privileged location. It is an excellent starting point to indulge in several activities. On site, you can discover the Ibón de Anayet and its exceptional landscapes, Picos del Infierno or the Cirque de Piedrafita. The medieval bridge and the Romanesque triple arch of the village are also essential curiosities. Sallent has a Gothic-style church which attracts visitors with its beautiful Renaissance altarpiece.

Activities to do in Sallent de Gallego

During your stay at Sallent de Gallego, there are many activities you can do for the whole family. Take a walk or an excursion in the middle of nature. During your family walk, don’t worry, the trail is marked up to the top of the mountains to avoid getting lost. El Salto Waterfall and San Mamés Mirador are popular routes.

You can go hiking along the trails of the peaks of the Aragon Pyrenees. You can also cycle by following several routes such as Formigal, Embaise de La Sarra and Subida. Also attend the great festival of Sallent dedicated to the Virgin of the Snows which attracts people every year. The culture and folklore of the village are in the spotlight during the event.

The climate in Sallent de Gallego

Before leaving for this village, you must know the best time to visit. The climate is pleasant in May, June, July, August, September and October. The hottest periods in Sallent de Gallego are July and August. Avoid visiting the region during the month of January, as this is the time of year when it is very cold. In February, it is a bit cold, but less than in January.

Sallent de Gallego offers good weather almost all year round for a romantic or family getaway. Take advantage of your stay to stay in a welcoming and warm house with stone walls typical of the region.

Where to sleep in Sallent de Gallego

Book your hotel before visiting Sallent de Gállego. The village offers a charming urban environment. It is one of the most pleasant in the Tena Valley, set in a high mountain landscape. Take advantage of your stay to walk its narrow and steep cobbled streets. This village is a real open-air museum offering a mixture of art, nature, culture and traditional architecture. You can sleep there. The place is full of various accommodation options to spend restful nights.

In Sallent de Gallego, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding accommodation that meets your expectations. You can choose a hotel that offers the comfort you need. But the ideal is to opt for an establishment that allows you to be in the middle of breathtaking landscapes.

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