Seasaleshop1 – LED Honeycomb Touch Lamp – Review & Test

The Modular Honeycomb Touch LED Lamp from Seasaleshop1 is ideally designed to give you a fascinating lighting experience and a touch of personalized decoration to your interior. Easy to install, easy to use and inexpensive, it is also appreciated for its original design. Below, a video test of the functionality of this touch lamp.

Video Review and Test of the LED Honeycomb Touch Lamp

Where to buy your Seasaleshop1?

More information on the Seasaleshop1 Touch Lamp

Seasaleshop1 offers you a set of 8 white LED lamps in hexagonal shape of 6 cm in size, designed to adhere to any type of wall. You can thus install them in your living room, your bedrooms or your office, to bring a personalized touch of lighting to these spaces.

The LEDs are easily assembled from the magnetic edges. Thanks to their modular design, you can connect them in different figure schemes to form lighting structures that you like or that suit your interior.

As easy to set up as it is to use, Seasaleshop1 uses touch sensing to turn the LEDs on and off. Each can operate independently of the others, you just need to touch the ones you want to light or close.

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