Secondary residence in Amboise: how to secure it?

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Having a second home in the countryside, in the mountains or near the sea is a small privilege that can sometimes be a source of concern. Because it is often unoccupied, it can easily fall prey to burglars. To avoid unpleasant surprises on your next visit, it is best to make arrangements. How to protect your second home from break-ins?

Call a locksmith to reinforce the exits of your home

Since the start of the year, burglaries have been on the rise, especially in Indre-et-Loire. In February, during the holiday period, the Amboise gendarmerie was strongly requested to intervene in cases of break-ins, both in main residences and secondary ones.

A situation which implies that we redouble our vigilance, especially with regard to second homes. Strengthening your locks is the first reflex to have. To do this, calling a locksmith in Amboise is recommended. Thanks to his expertise, he will advise you on the locking system adapted to your home, armored doors and effective locks for installation as soon as possible.

To further increase the security of your second home, bet on the quality of your doors and windows. If you have the possibility, invest in an armored door. In 80% of cases, burglars use the door to enter a house. Also equip your windows with bars and / or reinforced glazing. Especially, during your absence, be sure to close them well.

Deterrence to fight burglaries

Deterrence can be a great way to secure your second home. For that, why not equip yourself with remote monitoring system ? By using a remote monitoring company, you will be guaranteed the security of your home.

By choosing this solution, you will dissuade any burglars from entering your home. You will indeed have a plaque at the entrance indicating that the house is under surveillance. Technically, this plaque should deter them.

However, if they persist, you can also equip your housing with a battery of security devices: camera, motion detector, alarm… At the slightest intrusion, the system will be triggered and company agents or the police will be dispatched to the site. If you are not in the house, you will be notified by phone.

Burglaries: fake your presence!

While this doesn’t necessarily prevent burglars, the presence of one or more people could make them think twice. In the event of a lasting absence, it would be wise to simulate your presence as much as possible.

For this, you can call on your neighbors if they are trusted. They will be able to open and close the shutters of the house from time to time, collect your mail, spend a little time there to pretend that the house is inhabited …

If this option is not possible, why not consider home automation ? This innovation makes your home “smart”. It allows you to remotely control various systems of the house such as light, heating, electric shutters… You can thus make people outside believe that you are at home.

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