Segway Ninebot ES2 the Fast Electric Scooter – Reviews & Test

Scooters are a real revolution in terms of medium distance travel. Among the great diversity of existing models, Ninebot by segway manufactures dominate the market. We want as proof the versatile and optimized electric ES2. What should you know about her?

Video Opinion and Test of the Segway Ninebot ES2

Where to buy your Segway Electric Scooter

The characteristics of the Segway Ninebot ES2

Most users appreciate it for its sleek and understated look, comfort and the many features it offers. Indeed, both tires are equipped with shock absorbers for smooth braking. Assembly takes just 5 minutes with mittens. It is assembled with two screws two on each side. Inside the stem, there is a cable to connect connected to the battery. In addition, you can choose an additional battery. The latter costs about 200 euros and extends the autonomy of your machine by around twenty kilometers per hour.

The handlebars are covered with grips to ensure better support. May he remind you that the ES1 was designed in foam and got dirty easily. The gradual brake works depending on how much pressure you put on it. In addition, on the integrated screen you can see the refresh rate of your smartphone connected by Bluetooth.

For a body weight of 70 kg, you will be able to ride on your self-propelled motor with variable velocity. Thus, the standard mode promises 20 km / hour and the sport mode nearly 25 km / hour.

In conclusion, Ninebot’s latest product is a high-performance product that takes into account the comfort and safety of the user. So don’t hesitate to adopt it.

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