Shein Reviews – Is It a Trusted Site to Shop for?

Are you looking for a reliable store where to buy clothes at a low price? Shein could very well be the solution for your needs!

This Chinese platform is renowned for the advantageous prices it offers on a variety of fashion items. But ordering here is not without some drawbacks.

Presentation of the Chinese boutique Shein

Founded in 2008, Shein is a Chinese e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of clothing. Its product categories mainly include fashion items for women, but also for men and children, all sold at competitive prices.

All the highlights when shopping on this site

There are a number of strengths you can take advantage of if you decide to shop on Shein, benefits that can quickly convince you.

Enjoy a 30-day guarantee

The products sold by the store are covered by a 30 day warranty. This means that in the event of a problem, you have the option of returning them for exchange or refund within this period.

From 30 €, delivery is free

Shein applies declining shipping costs based on the overall amount of your purchases. Thus, when the total sum of your basket reaches 39 €, you benefit from free delivery of your packages.

Secure online shopping

You also have the assurance of making your purchases on a secure platform. Both the integrity of the site and the security of banking transactions are ensured with payment solutions such as PayPal.

Orders are easy

Ordering on Shein is very easy. The ergonomics of the site facilitate navigation between product categories. Once your item has been found and added to your basket, validating your order is only a matter of a few seconds.

What are the negatives when ordering on Shein?

But it’s not all good when you decide to shop on Shein, you can do with it, but they can be a drag.

Customs fees may be added to your purchases

Customs charges may apply to your items when going through customs. They are entirely at your expense and may add to your overall expense after a purchase from Shein.

Clothing sizes smaller than French sizes

Customers may encounter some concerns with clothing sizes that are not approved with those of French morphologies. It may therefore happen that when ordering a dress, t-shirt or jersey you will receive an item that is too small to fit.

A delivery time that can be long

Another flaw you can expect when ordering from Shein is slow deliveries. This can be explained by the distance between you and the Chinese market from which your item is purchased and shipped.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

If you are still hesitating, here are some tips, in addition to reading the old reviews, to ensure the quality of the products, but also to have advice on the choice of sizes for example.

Do I risk finding counterfeit products?

The Shein company works with its own designers, which allows it to offer original fashion designs. If counterfeiting is not to be feared, it is more the relative quality, even low of the articles which can be criticized on the shop.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

If you have received an item that is defective, in the wrong, or that you are simply not satisfied with, you can return it and claim a refund.

Provided that the item in question is eligible for return, that it has not been used, stained or damaged by you and is returned in its original packaging. You have 45 days to do so from the date of receipt.

How big should she take on Shein?

It is best to have your measurements on hand when buying from Shein. Considering the small size of Chinese sizes, it may be a good idea to choose a size above your normal size. In any case, the site now includes a Size Guide and a size checker to simplify your task.

How does delivery with Shein work?

Once your order is confirmed, the store has a period of 1 to 3 days to process and ship it. The costs to pay for the delivery vary according to the total amount of your order on the platform.

For 39 € of purchase, delivery will be free. Below 19 € you will pay 4.49 €. Between 19 and 39 € of purchases, you will spend 2.99 €

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

Unless the regulations change, it is currently not possible to free yourself from customs fees by buying on foreign sites like Shein. Even if they don’t always apply to your purchases, you should always plan for these charges.

What to think of Shein compared to Joom, Wish and Aliexpress?

Unlike the more general Joom, Wish and Aliexpess, Shein is a site specializing exclusively in clothing and fashion. Which makes it the benchmark if you are looking for this particular category of articles.

Furthermore, Shein is not a marketplace. It works like a classic e-commerce site and only keeps in common with the other platforms the competitive aspect of its prices.

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