Shein Reviews – Is She Really a Trusted Store?

Shein is a leading Chinese website selling fashion items at low prices. However, is it a reliable choice for buying online?

This Chinese store certainly has many advantages, but also some significant drawbacks that you should take into account before shopping there.

Discover our review of Shein here, as well as some tips for safe shopping on the platform.

Presentation of the Chinese boutique Shein

Shein is a Chinese online store created in 2008. She makes clothes her specialty. Its platform is accessible to buyers around the world and allows you to easily source thousands of fashion items at good prices.

Many advantages when shopping Shein

Shein is a boutique that attracts and for good reason, it has many advantages. A guarantee and the possibility of taking advantage of the free delivery from 30 € of purchase, moreover it is a secure site.

Enjoy a 30-day guarantee

By purchasing from Shein you get a 30 day warranty on your items. This will give you the opportunity to return your item and request an exchange or a refund in the event of a problem.

From 30 €, delivery is free

You benefit from free deliveries based on the amount of purchases made on the site. For example, with a basket of up to € 39, you can benefit from free delivery of all your packages.

Secure online shopping

Shein also has the merit of offering a reliable platform on which to shop online safely abroad. With a payment option like PayPal, the store can reassure you about the security of the payment transactions that you can perform on its site.

Orders are easy

Shein finally offers you the advantage of a simplified shopping experience, with a very easy ordering system. Once your item is located and the size defined, validating your order via the mobile application or the site will take you barely more than a minute.

The disadvantages you may encounter on Shein

However, there are certain constraints that can quickly become a barrier to buying from this store. Unexpected customs fees are possible, the sizes are not similar to French products and the delivery can be long.

Customs fees may be added to your purchases

Customs charges are a serious constraint on Shein. These additional charges are your responsibility and may apply depending on the amount of products you purchase.

Clothing sizes smaller than French sizes

Another downside you may face with Shein is the approximate clothing sizes. Chinese morphologies are thinner, it may happen that the clothes purchased are too small to fit.

A delivery time that can be long

Slow delivery times are a flaw to consider if you are considering purchasing from Shein. It may indeed take several weeks between the date of shipment and receipt of your items.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

Despite a secure site, like any online purchase, it is good to take precautions before shopping.

Do I risk finding counterfeit products?

Shein relies on her own team of designers to create the fashion items she markets. It also uses local suppliers, which allows it to enrich and diversify its product catalog.

The risk of counterfeiting is low on Shein. On the other hand, the quality of the products is not always optimal. We therefore advise you to be particularly careful in your choice of articles.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

Above all, your item must be eligible for return and refund. It must not have been damaged or made defective by your fault. The item must not have been stained or used. Finally, you must return it in its original packaging within 45 days from the date of receipt.

What size take on Shein?

To avoid getting the wrong size, it is wise for you to be in control of your measurements when choosing your item.

Then refer to the guide and size checker to make sure the item matches your size data. If in doubt, you can opt for a size slightly larger than yours.

How does delivery with Shein work?

Shein takes care of processing your order and delivering your items for free when the amount of your purchases reaches the value of 39 €. Delivery to France will cost you € 4.49 if the total amount of your basket is less than € 19. The fees will drop to € 2.99 when the total of your purchase is between € 19 and € 39.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

You should always allow these charges to apply to the products you purchase from Shein. You can opt for items below 22 € to avoid VAT. Or keep your purchases below 150 € to avoid having to pay extra for customs.

What to think of Shein compared to Joom, Wish and Aliexpress?

Shein is not a Marketplace like AliExpress and Wish. It works like a classic online store. He holds his own stocks and is able to ensure a minimum of control over the products sold.

What’s more, Shein is a specialty store and will always offer you the best deals and prices in clothing and fashion categories.

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