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Among the platforms of clothing imported from China, we can say that Shein has managed to carve out a good reputation. But does success really make Shein a reliable place to shop online?

The quality of the products available on Shein, a scam?

Not to mention a scam, as for all import platforms for Chinese products, on Shein you can do very good business as well as receive a product with a very uncertain finish. Unfortunately, there is no exact science to finding the products that are truly worth a look, but some types of clothing are still safer to buy than others to avoid disappointment.

If you are not used to this kind of platform to instinctively be able to avoid traps, we will advise you, at first, to avoid products with too complex finishes. You shouldn’t have a problem, however, if you order a denim product, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, bags or shoes.

Also pay attention to the size of the clothes, the majority of disappointments being related to this. Since the clothes are not designed for the European market, the size standards are not exactly the same in China. You will generally need to take an additional size depending on the product.

Costs and delivery time on Shein

At Shein, delivery costs are free from a basket of 39 euros purchase. Below this amount, it will take 4.50 euros for shipping costs for delivery in mainland France only. For a delivery in Dom-Tom or abroad, additional costs are to be expected. You can consult the page dedicated to delivery costs to find out more.

Regarding the delivery time, it takes between seven and ten working days (that is to say without counting weekends and holidays) to be delivered by Shein. This period begins once you have received the order confirmation and includes the time for preparing and sending the package. Note that this concerns items currently in stock, otherwise delivery times may be extended.

After an order, when you have received your package, you will need to go to your customer area to confirm the delivery and earn some Shein points along the way.

Shein and customs fees

At Shein, you will find very few items exceeding the 25 euros mark. Why this amount? Because this is quite simply the threshold where you will have to pay customs fees for any item imported from abroad if your order is controlled by French customs.

These costs are therefore applicable for each item over 25 euros, but it is quite possible to place an order with several items. For example, an order of 60 euros with three items at 20 euros should “logically” not be subject to customs control.

It is also sometimes possible to receive an order in several packages, spread over time to avoid arousing suspicion. By being at the limit of legality, Shein therefore does everything possible to avoid customs fees. If this should happen to you, it will be bad luck!

How to pay for purchases on Shein?

To pay for your purchases on Shein, you can use your credit card or Paypal account.

As always, Paypal is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to pay for a purchase on an e-commerce platform. You will only need to log into your Paypal account at the time of ordering to authorize the purchase.

For payment by credit card, Shein accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Carte Bleue cards. The good point (or the bad point depending on people) is that the platform does not keep your personal and banking information after the transaction. You must therefore enter them each time you place an order.

Returns and refunds on Shein, good after-sales service?

In the event of a problem with an order that has never arrived at your place, you have 6 months (beyond that, the complaint will not be taken into account) to make yourself known to Shein’s customer service in order to request a refund. After-sales service should then get back to you within 24 hours of the complaint.

To be able to make a return for an item that you are not satisfied with, you have 30 days after receipt of the order to return it and thus claim a refund. However, certain sensitive items cannot be returned: bodysuits, lingerie, pajamas, jewelry and certain accessories.

To request a return, you will have to go to your orders, select the items to return and explain why you want to make a return. Without these conditions Shein reserves the right not to make the refund. It is also good to know that the return costs are not reimbursed.

Shein, Wish, Aliexpress, Romwe or Joom? Is there a better one?

There is no better Chinese import e-commerce site than another. The choice is usually made more based on the products you are looking for. Wish and Aliexpress are generalist sites where you can find many different categories of items.

For the clothes it is at Shein and Romwe that you have to take a look, but the two platforms are almost twins, nothing really differentiates them. Romwe is, however, more recent than Shein and has therefore proved less successful over time.

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