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Want to get into e-commerce, but without having to have stock and take care of it, dropshipping is the ideal solution. To manage this dropshipping store, Shopify is one of the best and most effective solutions. What are the advantages of going through Shopify for your dropshipping online store.

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Shopify, a very easy to use CMS

To get started in dropshipping, Shopify is the ideal solution. It’s a very practical and useful CMS already for a classic e-commerce, so for a drop shipping, it’s even easier because you don’t have to manage your stocks. Everything is done automatically from the supplier, to activate dropshipping, just install the appropriate plugin.

This plugin will allow the customer to order from your store and your store to order from your supplier, who will ship the order directly to the customer. This is done with just a few clicks.

Tariffs appropriate to the service

The prices are really in line with the services they offer. Knowing that accommodation is included in the 3 packages offered, these are justified prices. Here is what these different packs include

  • Basic Shopify $ 29 / month, you can have 2 employee accounts, unlimited products, ditto for files. The transaction fees are 2%, the order is done manually, you can offer promo codes and you with a secure site with an SSL certificate.
  • Shopify $ 79 / month, you get all the points of the basic pack, with 1% transaction fees, the ability to make gift cards, have detailed reports and the ability to recover abandoned carts.
  • Advanced Shopify $ 299 / month, all points from the previous two packs are included, transaction fees are 0.5% and you get much more advanced and detailed reports on top of that. Shipping costs are calculated by a third party.

Themes perfectly suited to dropshipping

The themes available on Shopify are perfectly suited for creating a dropshipping store. They are responsive, have an optimal load time, user friendly and easily customizable without being a developer. You can choose from many free themes or go for one of the premium themes that you will have to pay for.

A variety of payment for the customer

The customer will not be lost, and will have no problem making his payment, because many possibilities are available to him. They can pay by credit card using a module like Stripe, make a payment via Paypal, pay in bitcoin with Coinbase Commerce.

But if he prefers more traditional payments, such as bank transfers, payments on order or bank check, this is also possible.

Have detailed reports and statistics

Opting for Shopify means having the possibility to follow the evolution of your e-commerce. The data is very easy to understand, it is clear and detailed, you have all the information you need. This data will allow you to know which product is working or not, how many visits you have and many other statistics allowing you to always improve your dropshipping store.

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