Should I buy a new or used tractor?

For farmers, choosing between a new tractor and a used tractor when it comes to changing them is a decisive choice. It is important to know the advantages of these different purchases and to see what works best.

What to know when buying a used tractor

In France, for several years it is the second-hand tractors which have been at the top of the sales, but what are the reasons. Economic growth is one of the main causes, but not only.

Indeed, like the majority of products sold second-hand, tractors have a lower price, compared to a new tractor, while doing the same job and with the same technical capacities. Today it is very easy to find a used tractor on the Internet, without going around the owners, you just need to do a search with Agriaffaires, and compare the different models.

Second, used vehicles depreciate much less quickly than new, it is between 12 and 20% of value than losing a new tractor, which allows them to gain on the value of a used vehicle. The savings are also made on fuel, because for the majority of old models, it is not necessary to add AdBlue.

Sometimes it is necessary to have such a tractor model for such action, but you would not have daily use of it, so it is better to take the opportunity. The last important point when taking a used tractor is that you have no doubts about the reliability, you will have a feedback on these capabilities from the previous owner.

Selection of the best used tractors by brand

John deere

John Deere 6920 – John Deere 6920s – John Deere 6920 PREMIUM – John Deere 6920S Premium – John Deere 6920 auto power – John Deere 6920 S Premium Plus – John Deere 6920 Allrad

New Holland

New Holland TS 100 – New Holland TM 155 – New Holland TS115 – New Holland TM 175 – New Holland T5050 – New Holland TM165 – New Holland TM 190 -New Holland TM 150 – New Holland TL 100 – New Holland TL 90

Case IH

Case IH 743 – Case IH 743 xl – Case IH MX 135 – Case IH 5140 – Case IH CVX 150 – Case IH puma 165 – Case IH CS 130 – Case IH MAGNUM 340 – Case IH CS 150 -Case IH PUMA CVX 160 – Case IH MAGNUM 310 – Case IH PUMA CVX 230

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson 5435 – Massey Ferguson 5435 DYNA-4 – Massey Ferguson 6480 DYNA 6 – Massey Ferguson 6465 DYNA 6 – Massey Ferguson 7495 Dyna-VT – Massey Ferguson 6499 Dyna 6 – Massey Ferguson 6475 Dyna 6 – Massey Ferguson 5455 Dyna 4 – Massey Ferguson 6455 DYNA 6 – Massey Ferguson 6490 Dyna 6 – Massey Ferguson 7724 Dyna-VT Exclusive – Massey Ferguson 7480 DYNA VT


Claas ATOS 340 CX – Claas ATOS 220 C – Claas ATOS 340 – Claas ATOS 330 – Claas ATOS 350 – Claas ATOS 220 – Claas ATOS 230.1


Fendt 939 PROFI PLUS – Fendt 939 – Fendt 939 Vario -Fendt 939 VARIO PROFI PLUS – Fendt 939 Vario S4 -Fendt FT939 TRACTOR


Deutz-Fahr AGROTRON 150 – Deutz-Fahr agrotron 120 – Deutz-Fahr AGROTRON M620 – Deutz-Fahr AGROTRON 90 – Deutz-Fahr AGROPLUS 85 – Deutz-Fahr AGROTRON TTV 630 – Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV-165.720 – Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV 620 – 165 Deutz-Fahr agrofarm 420 – Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 100


Valtra N163D – Valtra N163 DIRECT – Valtra N101 -Valtra N92 – Valtra N101 HITECH – Valtra N121 – Valtra N91 – Valtra N111 – Valtra N103 H5 – Valtra N82


Renault 110-54 – Renault 110-54TX – Renault 110.14 -Renault 110.54 TZ – Renault Ergos 110


Same LASER 110 – Same LASER 90 – Same LASER 100 -Same laser 130 – Same LASER 150


Landini POWERFARM 95 – Landini POWERFARM 85 -Landini Powerfarm 100 – Landini Powerfarm 90 -Landini Powerfarm 105 – Landini powermondial 115 -Landini POWERMONDIAL 110 – Landini powerfarm 75- Landini POWER 185 MAX – Landini POWERMASTER 220

Choosing a new tractor also has its advantages

The choice to go on a new model also has many advantages over buying second-hand, for a farmer. Indeed, it benefits from many guarantees such as that of the manufacturer, which allows to know in advance the budget for its maintenance, which is low the first year with new parts.

Then, having a new model allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies, leaving room for many options. Comfort is also much better than in a used tractor because the seat will not be worn. The tractor will have no damage, there will be no work to be done on it, which greatly reduces the costs.

A new model provides you with support over many years, you don’t have to wonder if it will break down in the months to come. And finally, for an environmental issue, recent models meet the latest standards applied in the territory, which requires an engine to reduce polluting emissions in the area.

In conclusion, what to choose between a new tractor and a used tractor?

To make the best choice, certain criteria must be taken into account. Among them there is the operating surface which will determine the power which the tractor must have, for less than 5 hectars 30 or 60 hp are suitable, but for more it will be necessary to opt for a model of 70 hp minimum. The terrain on which the tractor will work, on the farm or in the fields. For traction use a heavy tractor is ideal, but for simple transport the lightweight is more adequate.

Ultimately your choice will depend on your financing capacity and the use you are going to make of it. In fact, choosing a new model assures you of the quality of the product and the reduced risk of breakdown. But it is a substantial budget and its discount should not be neglected over the years.

Opting for a used model seems the ideal solution, when you are sure of the quality of the product, you have to know if you will have work to do on it and what its maintenance cost is. The ideal compromise seems to choose a second-hand tractor, which would be recent, with few years behind it, but also few kilometers on the clock, with a lower price than a new model.

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