Should I discharge my phone’s battery before charging it?

You have just acquired a new telephone and you are wondering if you should charge it immediately or first discharge it completely on first use? Between the instructions in the device manual, numerous articles on the net and the opinions of your relatives, opinions differ.

In general, note that the Lithium batteries of our modern phones just need to be well calibrated from the first use, and keeping them at a charge of 40 to 80% allows them to optimize their lifespan.

Your laptop battery needs to be properly calibrated the first time you use it

For your phone to accurately detect and display its true battery capacity, calibration will be required. Reason why you must calibrate this battery right out of the box.

To calibrate your phone’s battery, you must first perform a full charge. Once the phone is at 100%, you must unplug it and use it until completely discharged. Once the battery is depleted and only has 5% remaining, recharge it to 100% again.

Be careful, never discharge your Lithium battery to less than 5%, as you risk damaging it and causing it to lose up to 20% of its capacity. Basically never wait for your phone to completely flatten and turn off before charging it.

Best practices for maximizing battery life and battery life

Person holding their phone turned off with charging sign

In order for your phone’s battery to maintain its autonomy and last as long as possible, you must follow a certain number of relatively simple rules, which are generally the same for managing your laptop’s battery:

  • Maintain a 40-80% charge at all times: Lithium batteries find their optimal balance at 50%. Indeed, when they are overcharged, around 95 – 100%, or when their charge is low, around 0 to 30%, they tend to wear out more quickly.
  • Use the correct charger for your phone: When you use an unsuitable charger or one different from the original charger of the device, the battery tends to overheat. Excessive heat is the number one enemy of phone batteries. Note in passing that beyond a charge of 80%, the temperature of the battery begins to rise.
  • Calibrate your phone’s battery regularly, so that the battery life values ​​displayed by the phone are as accurate as possible and to prevent your phone from suddenly turning off when the battery life displayed was greater than 20%. Do this at least once every 3 months.
  • Always follow the instructions given in your phone’s user manual.
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