should you use a CMS?

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The creation of a website is now essential for all companies, regardless of their industry. So, if you want to create your website, several possibilities are available to you. In particular, you can use the services of an agency or use a CMS. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Use an agency to create your site

Many possibilities are available to you for the creation of your website, the use of a specialized agency is one of them. The intervention of such a professional is necessary, because the creation of a website today meets multiple requirements, especially from an SEO point of view. To do this, the specialized agency brings you its expertise and experience to guarantee you a modern website in harmony with the most recent practices in the field.

However, choosing an agency is not always easy. There are several, with different approaches. So make sure you make a sufficiently considered choice. To this end, be aware that a good agency is not necessarily one that offers a very affordable price. If the price is an important element, also prioritize your agency’s listening skills. His past accomplishments in website creation can also edify you.

The use of CMS

For the creation of a website, you also have the option of using a content management system (CMS). It is a web application that offers all the tools you need to build your site and manage its content and maintenance. There are several CMS including WordPress which is the best known and the most used. CMS have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of a CMS

The advantages of a CMS are among others modularity and scalability. CMS indeed allow you to have a modular site which can subsequently integrate in a coherent way, additional functionalities, thanks to extensions. In addition, a CMS is a scalable solution, which regularly benefits from fixes and improvements that optimize its efficiency.

Besides this aspect, a CMS also saves you time. Being a scalable and agile solution, it reduces the time spent on the development of your site. Its installation and configuration only require a few minutes, while its “administration” part is immediately available. In addition to these strengths, it is also necessary to consider the fact that many features are natively integrated into the CMS.

From a technical point of view, the CMS allows better indexing of your site by search engines. For example, there are CMS that automatically integrate a robot.txt file that directs search engine robots to high value-added pages to index and hides those that are less. Furthermore, the maintenance of sites created with CMS is quite simple, given the availability of a large community around these solutions, especially the most popular. Finally, a CMS simplifies updates and saves you money.

The disadvantages of CMS

CMS, however, have their limits :

  • they sometimes require you to deepen your knowledge of code,
  • the slightest clumsy maneuver can jeopardize everything on your site with a CMS,
  • the accessibility of CMS promotes the explosion of sites. You must therefore quickly develop an expertise in order to stand out from the crowd,
  • the fact that CMS are Open Source increases the risk of piracy,
  • CMS are sometimes the cause of the slowness observed in accessing databases.

CMS therefore present a number of advantages and disadvantages. However, do not hesitate to use it for the creation of your site.

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