Shy solo traveler: How to overcome the fear of traveling alone

A lot of people enjoy traveling alone and one wonders why. It is simply in their character, they are not afraid of anything, but there are other profiles who do not dare. If you love to travel, but your shy nature prevents you from enjoying your passion as much as you want, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some secrets that will help you stop being a shy lone traveler.

Understanding the introverted / shy stereotype

Introverts have been described as fearful individuals who hate to talk or take risks. Although introverts are afraid, it’s because they’re human, not because they’re introverts. Fear is universal, it affects everyone, including extroverts.

Fear can take a different form, however, it is still fear. What is more important is that introverts are no more afraid than extroverts, and everyone has the power to overcome their fears. Once you understand the introverted stereotype, you have the power to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Use your power as an introvert

Introverts take self-assessment very seriously, and since fears come from within, introverts have an advantage when it comes to introspection. They can observe and assess their emotional processes better than anyone.

If you take time as an introvert, you will be able to understand the specific origins of your fear of traveling alone, what beliefs and thoughts trigger the fear, how the fear feels, etc. Your ability to self-assess is an advantage, as understanding fear is one of the first steps to overcoming it.

One of my biggest fears as a shy solo traveler has been finding myself in an uncomfortable social situation with people I wouldn’t want as friends. Identifying this source of fear helps to take into account the people you would like to interact with when traveling, after which you choose destinations or places / environments where you are most likely to meet such people. It helps to have unparalleled control over the social situations you find yourself in.

Plan ahead

Like most shy solo travelers, the greatest fear of traveling alone was rooted in fear of the unknown. To overcome this fear, it is necessary to carefully plan all the solo trips you take. When traveling to a foreign country, for example, you should always take the time necessary to learn as much as possible about that country in order to facilitate social interactions with the locals.

Look for every place you plan to go, and you can even go so far as to prepare for the start of the conversation – open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Social interactions are less spontaneous and more intentional with a plan of action if things don’t go as planned. You’ll usually be more comfortable soloing when you’ve got everything prepared, including the unexpected.

There is no such thing as fearless people. Everyone is afraid. So don’t think that being shy and lonely is stopping you from taking the trip you’ve always wanted to take. Instead, learn to use your uniqueness to your advantage. Shy or introverted people deal with things internally. This is where your strength lies.

As an introvert, you are better able to understand the source of your fear of solo travel (why you are a shy lone traveler) and find effective ways to deal with the “real” source of the fear.

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