Slendertone ABS8 Toning Belt – Reviews & Test

Slendertone ABS8 is an abdominal belt that allows you to tone muscles of that part of the body. Suitable for both men and women, it has no limits in terms of body size. Due to its appreciated performance, the detailed presentation of its characteristics is well worth a detour.

Slandertone Belt Review and Test Video

Where to buy your abdominal toning belt

Product presentation

The Slendertone ABS8 toning belt works thanks to three electrodes which allow work all four abdominal muscles in depth. It acts in particular on transverse and obliques muscles both external and internal.

In terms of power and D’intensity, the Slendertone ABS8 has about a hundred levels. It therefore adapts to the profiles of high-level athletes, intermediate level and even beginners.

In addition, it can be used simply on a daily basis or during a workout. To do this, it has 10 programs including 7 so-called passive for moments without special effort and 3 assets exclusively reserved for sports activities.

Finally, it is a secure device, because it meets all medical safety standards for muscle electrostimulation. It has even been clinically tested with convincing results.

User reviews

The Slendertone ABS8 belt is very light and comfortable based on user reviews. She is also very effective because the first results are remarkable after a few weeks of use.

Also, the possibility of extending the belt is convenient for strong people. Finally, being able to connect the belt and follow your sessions from your phone is a detail that delights users.

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