Smoby Builder Max Pedal Tractor

Pedal tractors are popular toys for children. It is a tool that allows them to walk in the open air and promotes at home, the learning of coordinated movements. Faced with the plurality of types and brands available on the market, it is advisable to rely on opinions and tests to make a wise choice.

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Measuring 128 x 44 x 66 cm (L x W x H), and weighing 11.28 kilograms, the Smoby Builder Max Pedal Tractor is intended for children from 36 months to 12 years old. Designed mainly in plastic material, it can support up to 50 kilograms of weight.

To come to its functionality, this vehicle is equipped with pedals, front shovel and detachable rear trailer. This allows it to transport different elements (sand, pebble earth). To warn people around, it has a horn placed on the steering wheel. For added safety, a stand stabilizes the tractor.

The Smoby Builder Max pedal tractor is characterized by the comfort of its adjustable seat. The colors are bright and appeal to the awakening of children and its dimensions facilitate storage. Otherwise, this toy is very resistant because it is made with very solid materials.

The only downside is the assembly time, it takes about 90 minutes for a good handyman to assemble this tractor. Parents in a hurry can opt for the Farmer XL model of the same brand, less time-consuming. But beware, the hitch of the trailer is not very stable.

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