Smoby Pedal Tractor – Reviews & Comparison of this brand of children’s toys

Smoby is a brand that has supported many generations over the years. Their toys are known to be of high quality and so are the brand’s pedal tractors. It is an ideal toy for the beautiful summer days and enjoying the outdoors.

The Tops Products of the Brand

Like all brands, some products are bestsellers. We can tell they are, because people who have purchased these products have given their reviews and it was positive. These are also top-selling products, which means they are popular. Real imitation games, the toy tractor is a miniature machine to be a real farmer.

Is the Quality of the Smoby Tractors up to date?

The major and most important point for the brand is to ensure the safety of children who use its products. To achieve this, Smoby’s key word is to comply with European safety standards applied to toys. These standards are applied from the start of production and this for all materials used.

Things to look out for to keep children safe

The quality of the material is essential, but care must be taken to ensure that the child is able to use it safely, with or without the assistance of an adult.

  • The child must touch the feet on the ground which will allow him to get on and off the vehicle alone
  • The robustness of the accessories
  • The quality of the plastic used, if it is too thin, it will tend to break easily and quickly
  • For the little ones a tie, so that they do not fall from the machine

The convenience of Smoby pedal tractors

Smoby products are recognized for their quality, not only for strength, but also for practicality by many players such as My Super Tractor, which offers Smoby tractors. Indeed, the tractor seats are adjustable, which allows the child to use it for a long time, even during his growth.

The little extra of Smoby tractors is that they are generally accompanied by a tipping trailer or other accessories such as an excavator for example. This is not the case for all brands and it is a real advantage for them, children love to imagine stories and they are in their hands a real scale model of a standard farm tractor.

The Smoby Cow Pedal Tractor, the Team’s # 1 Choice

We specially chose this pedal tractor, because we appreciate its original design, the quality is there. Children will think they are real little farmers using it, or cowboys on the back of a cow.

The Different Pedal Tractors of the Brand

Everyone imagines the tractor to which a trailer is attached to the rear, but the brand offers variants, which may appeal to the child as well. All that’s missing is the tractor cabin to believe in a real machine.

The Farmer XL Tractor

Ideal to be a real farmer, with the Tractor Farmer XL represents the agricultural tractor. It has the front cover which opens to adjust any breakdown and a trailer hooked to the rear to transport its crop or its various animals. The seat is adjustable according to the size of the child, which is very practical and allows to keep it for a long time. You will have the choice between several colors red, yellow, green or with cow patterns.

Tractor Builder Max

A range above for true site managers the Tractor Builder max is amazing. Equipped with a shovel at the front and at the rear an excavator as well as a trailer to transport the various elements, such as sand, earth and stones. To warn people around, he will be happy to use the horn on the steering wheel.

Farmer Max Tractor

Similar to the Farmer Xl Tractor, but in a smaller size, for younger children. In addition to a different size, it is equipped with a front shovel that can be manipulated with two wrists and driven wheels to practice all types of terrain. It is an ideal machine from 3 years old. All he has to do is put on his boots and climb onto the adjustable tractor seat.

Stronger XXL Tractor

A self-supporting model of an even additional size, it will come closest to a representative miniature of an ordinary tractor. Equipped with large notched wheels to go over any terrain, even the roughest. The accompanying trailer is retractable and will be ideal for transporting pebbles, dirt, sand, those stuffed animals. It will even be able to roll in the mud without being afraid of getting dirty with the mud guards.

How to Choose a Pedal Tractor

To choose the pedal tractor, which will be ideal for your child, there are several points to consider. For example, you will have to choose according to its age, but maybe it is the accessories that come with the tractor that you are most interested in.

Choose a pedal tractor according to the age of the child

Depending on the age of the child, it will be necessary to select a tractor adapted to his body size and his motor skills. There are different models, despite the fact that the majority have an adjustable seat, the need and ease of use will have different variations. You should know that the brand’s tractors are all from 3 years old, so they are not suitable for younger children.

Choose according to the accessories that come with the tractor

Are you looking for a tractor for your child, but you would like it to come with an accessory. Usually Smoby pedal tractors come with a trailer, but you would definitely like more. Some of their models have a shovel and others have a digger. You may have more than one accessory on the same vehicle.

Choose according to price

Price can be a criterion of choice for many people. The advantage with the brand is that there is a rather wide price range. Prices are between 50 and 100 € depending on the size and the components accompanying the tractor. The cheapest model at Smoby is the farmer tractor, it represents a classic model.

Presentation and history of the Smoby brand

Smoby is a brand that was created in 1924, under the name Moquin-Breuil, but it was only from 1978 that it took this name and began to specialize in plastic toys. In 2008, after numerous difficulties, in 2007, the assets were sold to the German group GROUPE SIMBA DICKIE and the entity became SMOBY TOYS SAS, with its headquarters still located in France in the Jura.

Today, Smoby remains the leader in the toy manufacturing market, whether for imitation, early ages and outdoor toys such as pedal tractors. Here is a selection of the brand’s flagship products

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