Smoby, the must-have outdoor toy brand for your kids to have fun

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For years Smoby has made a place for itself in our homes and in our daily lives. Offering toys for children of all ages, Smoby is one of the few French companies committed to many points of view.

A quick tour of the history of the toy brand Smoby

Founded in 1924, Smoby is a French children’s toy manufacturing company that sells and exports its creations to many countries.

Considered as the leading French toy manufacturer, Smoby aims to honor the majority of its production in France: more than 70% of its toy production leaves its factories located in the Jura.

Smoby’s ambition is to meet the needs of children by offering ergonomic toys that promote the proper development of everyone, in particular stimulating their imagination and their abilities.

The company undertakes to use materials that do not present any risk for children and thus meet European safety standards. These superior materials thus allow a better quality of the toys and a longer lifespan.

Regarding the environment, the materials are recyclable and participate in a sustainable development policy aimed at reducing its environmental impact.

Smoby games and toys mainly focused on outdoor games, early learning toys or imitation games

Smoby offers a varied catalog of toys for children, boys and / or girls, and for all ages: imitation games, early childhood, outdoors, rolling, creative hobbies, table football, dolls or with characters, we especially think of tricycles , balance bike, slides, scooter etc …

For sale on their site, Smoby toys can also be found in many supermarkets such as Auchan or Carrefour, as well as in various toy stores, Toys’R’Us or La Grande Récrée.

Pedal tractors: have fun while working out

Smoby’s range of pedal tractors is substantial: different sizes, colors and shapes. They have different accessories: trailer, adjustable seat, horn and shovel in the front.

For more resistance, the “Stronger XXL Tractor + Trailer” is intended to be more imposing and solid.

Unfortunately, for these products, advertising remains targeted to boys, whether it is the staging or the description of the products. This is particularly the case with the “Tractor Builder max” and most pedal tractors. Only the “Farmer XL cow tractor + trailer” is an exception.

The children’s hut: Have fun with all your friends in the garden

The ranges of cabins offered by Smoby are customizable as desired with different modules that can be added according to taste.

We can buy a basic hut, such as the “Pretty House” or the “Neo Jura House”, and add various modules to it: a fireplace, the famous “Summer Kitchen” or the “Picnic Table”.

For those who want all the possibilities, a version of each house is available with all the add-on modules, such as the “Maison Friends House” or the “Maison Friends House + summer kitchen”.

Imitation toys: To play like adults.

Smoby Merchant

Thus allowing their psychic development, their relational but also imaginary development, Smoby allows thanks to many ranges of imitation toys for all desires and for all ages.

Elimination of stereotypes and the phenomenon of sexist toys.

Smoby sets itself apart from many competitors, in particular thanks to the elimination of the phenomenon of sexist toys in its marketing communications.

If imitation toys for playing merchant are generally targeted for little girls, Smoby proves that these toys are unisex and can be suitable for boys as well as girls. The “Maxi Market” toy, the “Coffee House” and the “Tefal Cuisine Studio” thus feature little boys and girls, each playing different roles.

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