Headshaking in horses: causes and solutions

Quick Access to Content – Contents Headshaking is a pathology characterized by movements of the horse’s head. These movements are sudden, untimely and intensive. Concretely, a horse suffering from headshaking will tend to shake its head suddenly and sometimes aggressively. It is therefore an observable neurological syndrome, whether the horse


What to do when you have lost your dog?

Has your dog disappeared? Have you looked for it everywhere in your home and can’t find it? Do not panic ! Even though the situation can be extremely stressful, you should start by calming down and keeping your cool, so that you can react quickly and effectively. If you quickly


How To Prevent Your Dog From Running Away?

Are you afraid that your dog will run away from home? This is a concern shared by all dog owners. What you need to know is that a dog can run away for many reasons, and some breeds are more susceptible than others. The only way to prevent your dog


Why Choose a GPS Collar for Your Dog?

Do you want to keep an eye on your dog at all times? Then the GPS collar is for you! Fixed around your pet’s neck, this high-tech accessory allows you to know the exact position of your dog in real time, which allows you to quickly find the animal in


How to set up a good enclosure for your land turtle?

Quick Access to Content – Summary The land turtle is a peaceful animal highly valued by those who love to domesticate reptiles. However, this testudinid likes to stay in the wild, hence the interest in setting up an outdoor enclosure. This dedicated space will allow the animal to evolve in


Which dogs gain weight the most easily?

The weight of a dog is not limited to an aesthetic criterion. Too high a number on the scale comes with health concerns and a shorter lifespan. As with humans, not all animals are created equal. Dogs who eat too fast When some dogs are able to eat their food


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