How to set up a good enclosure for your land turtle?

Quick Access to Content – Summary The land turtle is a peaceful animal highly valued by those who love to domesticate reptiles. However, this testudinid likes to stay in the wild, hence the interest in setting up an outdoor enclosure. This dedicated space will allow the animal to evolve in


Which dogs gain weight the most easily?

The weight of a dog is not limited to an aesthetic criterion. Too high a number on the scale comes with health concerns and a shorter lifespan. As with humans, not all animals are created equal. Dogs who eat too fast When some dogs are able to eat their food


My dog ​​is vomiting: How to act?

While owning a dog is a source of great joy, it can sometimes lead to days of worry and stress, especially when the poor animal is sick. Among the most common symptoms in dogs is vomiting. Watching your pet bring up its last meal can be scary for the owner.


Is silica litter effective?

There are a multitude of cat litter, among which we have clumping litter, mineral litter, clay litter and silica litter. Each of its litters is made up of certain elements that make them effective or not. Composition of silica litter As the name suggests, it is essentially composed of silica

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