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Can I Trust the Wish App for My Purchases?

Famous among e-commerce applications, Wish is popular for its ergonomic and intuitive interface as well as for the very attractive prices charged on millions of products of all kinds. But is it the ideal platform for your online shopping? Generally speaking, this gigantic marketplace is not illustrated by the quality


What is the Best Shampoo for Colored Hair?

Particularly in vogue for several years, hair coloring concerns nearly 16% of the population and one in two women. Ideal for enhancing a look, it must be followed by specific care, to resist aggression and protect the weakened hair. This is how important it is to adopt the correct washing


Trendy manicure colors 2019-2020 – nail art trends

Almost all women like to dress up, indulge themselves, regularly renew their hairstyle and, of course, keep track of their nails to create a new manicure. Any version of nail art should not only look beautiful, but also in harmony with your style, the image created, reflect the latest fashion


Solid hygiene products, a new revolution for everyone

Solid hygiene for all needs, from toothpaste to deodorant through shaving soap, an ingenious innovation, the new revolutionary cosmetics. Products that are not necessarily found in supermarkets yet, rather in specialized stores or on the Internet. 3 good reasons to switch to solid cosmetics It’s good to make new resolutions,


Can we find cat charms at Pandora?

As beautiful as they are expressive, cat charms can be hung on a pendant, bracelet or keychain. Usually, you can get them in a jewelry store or an online store. Pandora is a specialist in the sale of charms and charms of all kinds, one might wonder if they offer

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