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What Pool Games to Plan for a Crazy Summer?

With summer approaching, it’s high time to think about what fun pool games and toys to plan to keep you entertained and have a great time around and inside the pool. From the essential unicorn buoy to the game of volleyball and floating basketball, including the inflatable buoy and many


Is it Beneficial to Take an Electric Bike for a Child?

With the democratization of electric bicycles, many brands offer models of electric pedelecs and mountain bikes for children. But do they still constitute an advantageous and wise choice for your young child? It has to be said that giving your child an eBike regardless of age and safety is not


How to properly manage wedding photos during the Covid?

Photography is essential to immortalize a wedding ceremony. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration of such an event implies compliance with a number of rules, whether it concerns photography or other services. If you are about to get married, here are some tips for managing your wedding photos


How To Correctly Use Solid Products?

Solid products are the answer to the ever increasing environmental pollution caused by cosmetic product containers. On top of that, they make the body look different, definitely better than your conventional products. However, you can only maximize their benefits if you know how to use them correctly. How to use


How to properly use solid products?

The advantages of solid cosmetics are numerous and every day these products are used more and more as an ecological and natural alternative. Most of these products are vegan initiative, like Ben & Anna, but there are also other brands that have this kind of cruelty-free product. These cosmetics generally


What are the benefits of Aleppo soap for hair?

It seems impossible that there is a product capable of treating any type of hair, and achieving positive results. However, there is something that is not a chemical but a completely natural product that has been successful in hair treatments and that is Aleppo soap. Aleppo soap is a product


Where to Go to Meet Ladyboy ?

Ladyboys commonly referred to as transsexuals or third gender are not very hard to find these days. Whether in France or Thailand where they are more common, you just need to do some specific research to find them. Here are some ideas that might help you. Dating sites, a simple

Sunset in Thailand and Buddha monument

Do I have to Go to Thailand to Meet a Ladyboy?

When you think of the possibility of meeting a ladyboy, you automatically think of Thailand. It must be said that for several reasons this country is the ideal place for this kind of meeting. However, you don’t have to travel all the way to Thailand to meet ladyboys. Are the


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