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Is CBD Oil Coming In Skin Cosmetics, Any Real Benefits?

CBD (cannabidiol) is emerging as the new flagship ingredient in the world of cosmetics. Indeed, CBD is particularly prized for its many properties which give it virtues very appreciated for taking care of oneself. Zoom in on the benefits of CBD oil for the skin. The properties of CBD in


How to Choose a Pulsed Light Epilator?

Are you tired of epilating every month? So, treat yourself to a pulsed light epilator. Revolutionary method of hair removal, it promotes the almost permanent elimination of your hair. However, it is important to choose the right epilator for the best results. What elements should you take into account when


Can I use the pulsed light epilator as a man?

The pulsed light epilator is a technology that allows permanent hair removal. It produces an intense flash of light which converts into heat and will be absorbed by the hair. Then, this heat will burn the bulb of the hair to stop its regrowth. It should be noted that the


Thailand – Is This Really the Ladyboy Dating Spot?

Dating with ladyboys is a real opportunity to live new and unforgettable experiences. In spite of the misconceptions which are made about this category of people, they are more and more widespread in most of the continents. Several people refer to the Asian continent, especially Thailand to meet transgender people.


What Are the Risks of Pulsed Light Hair Removal?

Pulsed light hair removal is a method of removing hair and delaying its appearance. Although effective, it still involves several risks. This is one of the reasons why the National Union of Dermatologists is protesting against the use of this beauty treatment device in beauty salons. Indeed, without taking the


What is the consequence of Covid-19 on GPA (Surrogacy)?

With the global Covid-19 health crisis raging, certain previously natural freedoms such as moving and traveling are now subject to complex constraints. These new regulations impact certain medical practices such as surrogacy (Surrogacy), a recognized technique for the fight against infertility. What are the consequences of Covid-19 on surrogacy? How


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