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Catering and hotel professionals: which equipment to choose?

Several brands are specialized in the manufacture and distribution of professional catering equipment. With this multitude of brands available, thousands of products are selling online or at stores. Some brands have become a benchmark for the supply of catering equipment around the world. Discover the equipment necessary to properly equip


Literary season 2015: The 10 books not to miss

The 2015 start-up is already here and promises to be busy in reading because since August 2015, 589 novels have been released in specialized bookstores and online bookstores, only intended for the literary re-entry of 2015. Among these 589 novels, we will nevertheless note a decrease of the number of


Don’t stray from Harlan Coben’s book

Do you have the soul of an investigator? Do you like suspense and twists? This novel is for you. Disappearances that resurface. Past loves disturb a well-framed present. Don’t Walk Away, is a disturbing yet intriguing novel. A troubled past resurfaces, the investigation is reopened. In Atlantic City, one evening


Paula Hawkins’ train girl

Love, deception, but above all an unexpected disappearance! Who has never imagined, the lives of people glimpsed through a train window? An event will have been enough to break the daily newspaper Twice a day, at 8:04 am in the morning and 5:56 pm at the end of the day,


Lawns and lawns by Gérard Sasias

In France, more than 12 million gardens have a lawn, and it is estimated that 15% of general public gardening expenses are devoted to these mats of greenery. However, 70% of them are said to be in poor condition. So how do you maintain your lawn properly? Published in 2009


Dimitri Casali: A writer of our time

For a talent, that of Dimitri Casali is one of the most attractive. He succeeds in getting people to talk about him among his fellow human beings: writers, historians. He also attracts the attention of ordinary readers through his words, his stories, and especially his talent. Moreover, his work shows


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