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Petit Paumé’s eye on sandwich bistros in Lyon

Recipe of the day by the Petit Paumé: take a bistro with old and retro decoration. Sprinkle it with fornica chairs, old-fashioned candies and grandmother-style homemade pastries. Add a welcoming staff who has only one desire, and that is to make you (re) discover forgotten flavors. Leave to rest for


Play Truth & Dare, the Best Questions to Ask

Are you a fan of Truth & Dare games and looking for original questions and actions? Just keep in mind that the best questions are the ones that surprise, and the ideal actions are hands down the funniest. Of course, make sure that these questions or actions won’t shock or


The eye of Petit Paumé on the glaciers of Lyon

Lyon basks in the sun and the temperatures are rising! There is only one thing left for me to do, and that is to find the best ice cream parlor in Lyon. Don’t waste time, our friends from Petit Paumé give us their best addresses. This is not necessarily obvious


5 Smart Ideas for a Well Organized Schoolbag!

When the Back to School is effective, the backpack of your child should be optimally organized. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that all the accessories thereof are in their place. If you don’t know how to make such an organization successful, here is 5 smart ideas that may


Pat Patrol Headquarters Paw Patrol

Christmas is here, it’s time to please your little one. Thinking about the perfect gift? The headquarters patrol is a marvel that children love. Designed by paw patrol, a brand of Canadian origin, this toy incorporates the great characters of the series. With the slide and the cars as a


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