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BlaBlabus – Goodbye Ouibus, BlaBlacar is starting the buses

In November 2018, BlaBlaCar announced that it had submitted an offer to buy Ouibus, the long-distance bus subsidiary of SNCF. With the deal now concluded, the famous carpooling platform plans to launch its first BlaBlaBus coaches in 2019. Why did SNCF sell Ouibus to BlaBlaCar? There are two interesting avenues


Fish to eat so as not to harm the planet

Today, the question of preservation of the planet or the environment is becoming more and more worrying. Among the factors that can help in this direction, the protection of the oceans occupies an important place. It starts with simple good habits such as more conscientious consumption fishes. So, do you


How to make your apartment cat exercise more?

Quick Access to Content – Summary In the collective unconscious, cats are lazy animals that sleep all day and who do not really exercise. However, the reality is quite different! Our cats are animals that need stimulation and interaction. Exercising your cat is therefore a situation we can find ourselves


The Joom site for its purchases, good or bad idea?

Do you want to shop on Joom but have doubts about its reliability? In any case, note that Joom is one of the best Chinese e-commerce sites offering good deals on a wide selection of products. You can make interesting purchases there at very attractive prices, but on condition that


Little Live Pets Lil ‘Dippers

Little Live Pets are interactive toys in various shapes of cute, realistic and cuddly little animals. More than just electronic toys, the quality of their design allows them to find a place in the hearts of children. If your child has been asking you for a little goldfish for a


Choosing the Right Massage Gun For Better Relief!

With the multitude of brands and models offered on the market, find the ideal massage gun to you may seem complex, but don’t worry. For achieve it with ease, several criteria and factors must be taken into account: in particular power, ergonomics, weight, autonomy, noise and many others. Everything you


How do I get discounts on Airbnb?

The homeless or globetrotters are more than ever on the lookout for good accommodation plans. If Airbnb is the benchmark in this area, other options allow you to travel cheaper. How do I get discounts on Airbnb? By playing on the duration Accommodation on Airbnb often benefits from decreasing rates


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