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How to get from Geneva airport to the city center?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Switzerland’s second largest airport in terms of surface area and passenger traffic, Geneva International Airport is located 4 km from the city center. Hence the need to find the appropriate means of transport to get to the city center, once you arrive at the


DHGate Review – Can You Trust this Chinese Online Store?

Among the e-commerce platforms, DHGates is one of the oldest. This is a Chinese wholesale store. Even if this site is quite old in the world of online commerce, many still wonder about its reliability and the different methods of handling. Strengths, weaknesses and tips, find out everything you need


How to Choose a Radio Controlled Car for an Enthusiast?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Although they are considered toys for most people, radio controlled cars are more than one thing. There are a lot of amateurs and they like to have models that are both sturdy and aesthetic. Their choice should therefore be the subject of great care.


Theragun, the brand for your massage gun

Choosing a massage gun without looking or mentioning the Theragun massage gun is pure heresy, so has it established itself in the world of personal physiotherapy. But what can justify this avant-garde? Certainly the innovations that the brand offers, but also and above all its effectiveness in muscle therapy. Let’s


Some tips to pay for a cheaper plane ticket!

It is not easy to find the ideal flight and pay cheaper plane tickets, one that will be at an unbeatable price, perfect schedules and nonstop. Whether you have to do it in advance or at the last moment, it is not always easy to find your way around. Here


My First Steps in Batch Cooking – Review & Test

Finding the best cooking recipe to delight family and friends is not always easy. Aware of this, several proven blues have published cookbooks intended to make your life easier. This is the case with the book My first steps in Batch Cooking by Keda Black. Check out this book and


Can a dog transmit diseases to a child?

To date, 178 zoonoses, diseases that animals can transmit to humans have been discovered around the world. While some, like rabies, are on the way out, many others are not. Faithful companion of man, the dog could also be a source of disease for those around him, especially children. Diseases


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