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How to do without Amazon in 2019?

Quick Access to Content – Summary The question deserves to be asked as the American firm is establishing itself as the undisputed leader of online commerce. In 2017, Amazon achieved 178 billion turnover, or 60% more than a company like Carrefour, which nevertheless shines globally. However, criticism is raining down


How to clean your completely dirty football kit?

Soccer jerseys are outfits that get dirty very quickly. However, the love that some people have for their swimsuits makes it important to clean them when they get dirty for later use. So how do you clean your football jersey? Here is some information that can help you do it


Which first mobile plan to choose for your child?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Giving a child their own phone is another step towards their independence and is also a very practical security when they are not with you. Among the existing telephone plan offer, you should look for a plan that is suitable for its age and


Tectake 400652– Dog Transport Box – Review & Test

Are you looking for a solution to easily transport your dog on your travels? You will be delighted by this 400652 dog transport crate from Tectake, which due to its ergonomics and robustness, will allow you to move easily with your doggie, in complete safety. Below, our video test and


The Dior house celebrates all dads

Father’s Day obliges, you want to give a special gift for the best dad in the world. You then thought of giving her a fashion piece. And this year, Corona obliges: fashion is in tune. An upheaval which affects the creators who also decline their mask. You can then opt


Axel’s Motorcycle Power Players

At this end of year period when Christmas is fast approaching, you want to give your children gifts, but you do not know what choice to make? The Lego Super Mario Adventures Starter Pack 71360 is a kid-friendly play idea. Here is a few lines of information to know about


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