Presentation of the new Chinese marketplace: Vova

Vova has a new Chinese marketplace which tops the list in shopping app downloads. However, this company remains very mysterious and unclear on its own website. You can find everything you are looking for on this platform clothing, bag, electronics, or even beauty products, but what is it really worth?


The Wish site for shopping, good or bad idea?

Wish is one of the many Chinese e-commerce platforms popular in France and in Europe and requested by millions of users looking for good deals. Functioning as a gigantic marketplace housing thousands of stores, Wish stands out with its unbeatable prices. But can we really trust the site and the


How to save money on online purchases?

The world of online commerce is increasingly taking a prominent place in our daily lives. Indeed, online shopping is one of the best solutions to save time and money. With this mode of purchase, all you need is a computer or a smartphone to make your purchases. But, did you


The Joom site for its purchases, good or bad idea?

Do you want to shop on Joom but have doubts about its reliability? In any case, note that Joom is one of the best Chinese e-commerce sites offering good deals on a wide selection of products. You can make interesting purchases there at very attractive prices, but on condition that


How to find Carrefour promo catalogs easily?

Being aware of the latest offers and promotions from your Carrefour before going to the races, without having the paper catalog, is possible. The range of the brand is wide, it has been formed during its history and it has to create catalogs for each category. Carrefour an ancient and


The Romwe site for shopping, good or bad idea?

Have you heard of Romwe and his tips, but still hesitating to get started? First of all, know that Romwe is the ideal Chinese site for shopping for fashion and clothing at a lower cost. However, even if its products are relatively good, you still have to be careful what

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