Solid hygiene products, a new revolution for everyone

Solid hygiene for all needs, from toothpaste to deodorant through shaving soap, an ingenious innovation, the new revolutionary cosmetics. Products that are not necessarily found in supermarkets yet, rather in specialized stores or on the Internet.

3 good reasons to switch to solid cosmetics

It’s good to make new resolutions, but you still have to do it for good reasons. Here are 3, which will certainly convince you to take the plunge and change the way you consume.

Solid cosmetics and their practicality

Solid cosmetics do not leak because of an improperly closed cap. They are usually stored in a small metal box or in coated cotton pouches.

It is possible to find in solid form, toothpaste, shampoo, shaving soap, deodorant, balms, and even hair masks, …

They can be bought straight out of a metal tin, often like toothpaste and deodorant, and then simply find refills. Where to find coated cotton pouches, which will protect the product from light and heat.

Economically everyone finds his account

You just have to read the ingredient label of a hygiene product and find that frequently it is “Aqua” that you can read at the top of the list, which means it is. the most common ingredient in the product is usually water. This means that the proportion of useful ingredient in the product is low.

As a result, solid cosmetics which contain very little or even no trace of water are much more concentrated in active ingredients.

Bottom line, with less solid product they will be just as effective, so you use less product for total effectiveness.

Very small and yet so effective

Solid cosmetics are generally concentrated with active ingredients and much more effective than in liquid products. At first glance we can tell ourselves, how to use this product, will it foam, does it have a pleasant smell or does it taste good.

Only by trying, you will be able to find out. But solid products do the job just as much as conventional hygiene products.

Be careful, not all solid products are good to take

Solid product does not necessarily mean great quality. Many big brands are playing on the trend like Lush or Bomb Cosmetics and yet when you read the list of ingredients, it is not necessarily beautiful to see.

In some of their products, it is possible to find petroleum derivatives, parabens or other synthetic preservatives.

The big brands are playing on the ecological and natural market. And yet it is essential to take a good look at the composition of the product before buying the first solid cosmetic you find, so as not to be disappointed.

For those who love practicality, ecology or simply for those who wish to change their lifestyle, with small, simple gestures, using simple products seems a good compromise. Ecologically and economically speaking, with so-called “solid” products, we necessarily find our way there.

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