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In the range of home automation boxes offered by Somfy, The Connexoon presents itself as an accessible gateway to the world of connected housing. Little sister of Somfy’s TaHoma box, it has its own peculiarities for connecting and controlling every environment in the house.

Presentation of the Somfy Connexoon box

The Connexoon is a home automation box allowing you to control your connected equipment from a simple smartphone.

Unlike its big sister (the TaHoma box), however, it is single protocol and only allows the management of equipment complying with io-homecontrol technology : a two-way radio technology for receiving information from connected objects.

To allow the management of your equipment, Somfy sets up with the Connexoon box several dedicated applications to control equipment using the io-homecontrol protocol : Connexoon Window, Connexoon Terrace and Connexoon Access.

The different applications of the Somfy Connexoon box

To allow simple and targeted control of the user’s equipment, each application represents its own universe of home automation. It is therefore not a global solution as the TaHoma box from the same manufacturer can offer..

These different applications are all available for smartphones running an Android or iOS system.

Connexoon Window

The Connexoon Window application is dedicated to roller shutters and allows them to be opened or closed with a single click. It can be combined with weather sensors to create scenarios and enjoy greater ease of use.

A “check windows” function is present to check that the shutters are closed and to manage them remotely.

Connected equipment to be used with the Connexoon Fenêtre application: roller shutters, blinds, velux windows, solar shading, etc.

Connexoon Terrace

With Connexoon Terrasse you can take control of the connected objects on your terrace to create different personalized atmospheres. It is also possible to take pictures of these atmospheres with your smartphone to replay them later by activating the associated scenario.

A “Double check” function can be used to check the position of your equipment and control it remotely.

Connected equipment to use with the Connexoon Terrasse application: Blinds, lighting, speakers, outdoor screens, etc.

Connexoon Access

The Connexoon Access application concerns the security of your home.. It uses geolocation to allow automatic opening or closing of your connected equipment when you arrive or leave your home.

A “check access” function is available to be able to check remotely that the alarm is activated or that the doors are properly closed.

Connected equipment for use with the Connexoon Access application: alarm, gate, garage door, front door, etc.

Contents and installation of the Somfy Connexoon box

The Somfy Connexoon box is supplied with a micro USB cable and USB charger for its power supply (as for a smartphone), a 1 meter ethernet cable and its user manuals.

After connecting the Somfy Connexoon to a power outlet and to your ADSL box / internet router with the cables provided by the manufacturer, all you have to do is go to the Somfy site and record the serial number of the box.

You can then download one of the three Connexoon applications to be able to start using your new home automation box. The switchgear is then very easy to use, taking only a few minutes by following the instructions.

Our opinion on the Somfy Connexoon box

With its Connexoon home automation box, Somfy offers an offer for those who want to benefit from a connected home at a low price and simply with a single type of technology (io-homecontrol).

It is therefore recommended for users wanting to take advantage of a first home automation box exclusively reserved for controlling their equipment.

For users wishing to go further in terms of functionality, with a comprehensive, scalable solution compatible with several protocols, the Connexoon’s big sister, the Somfy TaHoma box, will be more likely to satisfy you.

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