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Somfy TaHoma is a multi-protocol home automation box that allows you to centralize all your connected equipment, then control them locally from your home or remotely, wherever you are.

This Somfy box is a home automation system that is equipping more and more connected homes, a real success made in France.

Presentation of the Somfy TaHoma box

The TaHoma box manages most of the home automation needs that users seek for their homes: remote control, security protocol, alarm system and surveillance camera, energy saving, anti-intrusion opening detector, consumption monitoring , management of comfort and energy impact, much more than the lighter version, the Somfy Connexoon.

Somfy is also partner with around twenty brands of equipment producing Smart Home components, recently a compatibility with the Freebox Delta of the Internet operator Free was even announced. Whatever your needs, It is therefore easy to find equipment (shutters, blinds, lights, gate, garage door, videophone, etc.) compatible with TaHoma for a real smart home.

In terms of content provided for purchase, the box is presented with its power cable (micro USB cable and 5v 1A USB power supply), an ethernet cable, user manuals and a remote control to be used only for the equipment. of Somfy gates.

Installation and application of the Somfy TaHoma box

There is no no major difficulties in installing the TaHoma box, you just need to connect it to the mains with its power cable and to your ADSL box (or a router if you do not have enough free port) with an ethernet cable to be able to get to the heart of the matter.

TaHoma must then be activated on the site to be able to be used and start centralizing your equipment. by following the instructions given step by step on the Somfy website.

To be able to control your equipment, Somfy offers in addition to the TaHoma box, a free dedicated application that can be used with Android or iOS devices (smartphone, tablet and some smart watch models).

You can also use the secure website which is available for use from a computer. In addition, it is interesting to note that it is also possible to control your equipment with Amazon’s ALEXA voice assistant.

The different control modes of the Somfy TaHoma box

With its application, the TaHoma box allows you to choose between different options for controlling the house: manual piloting, automatic piloting in scenario mode, automatic piloting in smart mode and automatic piloting in agenda mode:

Manual piloting

Very classic, manual control allows you to individually control each connected object in connection with the box. Manually you can thus decide to turn on, turn off, open or close a particular object, without taking care of the others that make up your ecosystem.

Piloting in scenario mode

In scenario mode, piloting allows you to set up a logical sequence of actions between several different devices. This is particularly useful for carrying out a succession of daily actions using a single manipulation.

Driving in smart mode

The smart mode allows you to create automatic scenarios using sensors so that the TaHoma box can manage your home intelligently. For example, if the lights are on, but they do not detect anyone in the room, the box will decide to turn them off.

Piloting in agenda mode

In agenda mode you can create scenarios and configure them to activate according to a calendar and a type of day: work, vacation and rest. You can thus enjoy your scenarios at the time and on the day when you set them up.

Our opinion on the Somfy TaHoma box

Somfy is a renowned brand in the home automation industry and, as usual, delivers with the TaHoma a box that does not have to be ashamed of the competition.

We appreciate its ease of use with its dedicated application compatible with a large number of devices.

It is however delivered naked and you will have to invest in connected equipment to be able to use it, none of the connected objects for the home being provided and the box cannot work alone.

The complete test of Somfy’s TaHoma box

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