Sony XAVAX1000 – Bluetooth Multimedia Receiver – Review & Test

The Sony XAVAX1000 Bluetooth multimedia receiver offers you a smooth interface as well as full functionality to let you enjoy your multimedia contents in your car with ease. Below, everything you need to know about this high-tech car stereo from Sony.

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Where to buy your Sony XAVAX1000?

More information on the Sony brand multimedia receiver

The Sony XAVAX1000 is an easy-to-use Bluetooth automotive media receiver with a clear and smooth 6.4-inch touchscreen for handling, navigation, and access to built-in functions. Note that it is compatible with the 2-DIN mounting bay for easy installation in your vehicle.

This car radio has a series of interesting features such as radio reception or broadcasting your music via Bluetooth, with exceptional sound quality. Its compatibility with Apple CarPlay allows Synchronization with your iPhone to facilitate your navigation, perform voice commands with Siri, make calls or send messages. Of course, this device is also compatible with Android.

Finally, note that the device also incorporates a “Plug & Play” functionality for playing your multimedia files from USB media, as well as AV connectors.

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