Speed ​​cameras: the state jackpot

It’s better than the Euro million jackpot. The state should pocket between 675 and 700 million euros in 2012. To avoid filling its pot: take it easy!

Radars are growing like mushrooms on our roads and highways, hide in town near red lights, not to mention those installed according to tactics developed by the police or the gendarmerie, some are even embedded in unmarked cars: a real nightmare for even the wisest motorists! Radars have already brought in “324 million euros between January 1 and June 30, 2012, and taking into account the correlation of traffic according to the seasons, the year 2012 could bring in up to 700 million euros depending on the estimates from the National Agency for Automated Crime Processing (Antai): an absolute record. They were 3,700 at the end of 2011 and will be 4,100 at the end of 2012, which explains this but not only. Would motorists slack off? There is no doubt, since the start of the year, a 20% increase in traffic tickets and speeding notices has been since January. Since June 30, under an agreement between Paris and Brussels, Belgian motorists flashed in France by automatic radars will now have to pay their fine, as is already the case for Switzerland and Luxembourg.

For associations defending so-called reasonable drivers, this is the establishment of “excessive repression against road users”. Etienne Coyault, researcher at the 40 million motorists association, emphasizes that these projections show that there is a constant increase in the number of motorists flashed. Road safety policy focuses on speed, but it is now certain that speed is not the leading cause of death on the roads.

“For example you have on average one speed camera every 1,015 km on departmental roads and one every 42 km on highways. However, only 5 to 6% of fatalities are on motorways: where is the logic? “
Many drivers feel that they are “cash cows” and hunted down like delinquents. The Front National did not fail to step up to the plate by insisting that French drivers can no longer bear to be punished three times, first financially by the payment of fines, criminally by the loss of their points, and finally socially by the professional difficulties that this system generates.

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