Spin Remote A1000 SDC-1 – Universal Remote Control – Reviews & Test

Are you looking for a smart and easy-to-use universal remote control that is compatible with all your infrared and smart home devices? The Spin Remote 1000SDC-1 is the universal programmable remote control that meets your needs perfectly. Below is a video demonstration of its use.

Spin Remote Universal Remote Control Review and Test Video

Where to buy your Spin Remote A1000 SDC-1?

More information on the A1000 SDC-1 Universal Remote Control

This programmable universal remote control is compatible with all infrared devices. Serving as a centralized control for Smart Home devices, it allows you to control all the connected equipment in your home (TV, lamp, fan, air conditioner and multimedia players, etc.).

The Spin Remote A1000 SDC-1 is easy to use from the free Spin mobile app with a simple yet intuitive interface. The Spin Remote connects 360 ° via infrared, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and control can be performed by simple, seamless gestures, by spinning and caressing.

Finally, note that this remote control is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running Android version 4.3 at least or iPhones from iOS 8.0. Battery powered, it requires 2 AA batteries to operate.

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