Sport: how to relieve muscle aches?

Sport is good for your health. It improves blood circulation, builds muscle mass and helps prevent many diseases. But sometimes, the practice of a sporting activity is accompanied by aches.

What are the causes of this muscle pain and how can it be relieved?

Why do we have aches?

Body aches most often appear after resuming sporting activity after a certain period of inactivity. They occur about 12 to 48 hours after intense physical exercise. This muscle pain means that your muscles have been put to unusual strain. They then became stiff and sore.

Rest assured, aches are mild and should not cause concern, even if they cause some discomfort due to the pain. Moreover, body aches reflect the production of muscle tissue by your body after exercise. So this is rather a good sign.

The legs are the parts of the body most susceptible to muscle stiffness. They are in fact very busy in most sports activities. Depending on the sport practiced, you may also suffer from stiffness in the thighs, arms, calves, etc.

How to prevent muscle soreness?

In order to avoid muscle soreness after exercise, it is important to prepare your muscles for the effort. A good warm-up is then essential! You can for example jog, hop, pedal, etc.

After about ten minutes of warm-up, quickly follow up with the sport itself. Progress slowly. Don’t force yourself and listen to your body. Is your heart rate racing? Give yourself a break. Do you feel sharp pain? Slow down.

To avoid prolonged muscle soreness, you should also exercise regularly. This is important to help your body get used to the strain. During the days when you do not play sports, keep moving by going for a walk, for example.

The temperature differences before and after sport also cause stiffness. To avoid them, remember to protect yourself against the cold, especially if you play sports outside. So wear suitable clothing.

How to relieve aches after sports?

After participating in a sport, the muscles in your body are sore when you wake up. Every movement is painful. To relieve muscle soreness, you can massage your muscles with cbd oil. Cannabidiol acts as a muscle relaxant. It calms your strained muscles and promotes muscle recovery. Another solution is to apply ice to the painful area. The cold indeed decreases inflammation. However, avoid applying it directly to the skin. Instead, put ice, for example, in a cloth towel.

Staying active is also effective in reducing pain. Do light activity and gently engage your sore muscles. For example, you can go cycling, stretching or even walking. On the other hand, do not resume your sporting activity until after the pain has subsided. Finally, if the latter is unbearable, it is possible to take an analgesic to reduce it.

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