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Faced with the multitude of models and brands of sit-stand desks on the market, you quickly feel lost. However, there are some simple tips to quickly find the perfect table for you. For example, focus on your size, your needs, without forgetting your budget.

Discover our selection of the best sit-stand desks of the moment, as well as some tips to find the ideal desk quickly and without the hassle.

MAIDeSITe adjustable electric sit-stand desk

With its adjustable height from 72 to 121.5 cm, this electric sit-stand table is suitable for almost all body types. It features a silent electric motor allowing the table to be raised or lowered at a speed of 3 cm / s. Its steel structure allows it to support loads of up to 80 kg.

Sit-stand desk FLEXISPOT E5B

With a load capacity of 100 kg, this electric sit-stand desk has 2 motors allowing silent height adjustment from 62 to 127 cm, at a speed of 3.8 cm per second. Basically, it allows you to go from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds. Everything is controlled using an advanced all-in-one keyboard.

Electric height-adjustable desk SONGMICS LSD011B01

This sit-stand desk has a 160 x 60 cm top, for an adjustable height of 73 to 114 cm. Its electric motor allows height adjustment at a speed of 2.5 cm / s. It has a steel structure allowing it to support up to 100 kg.

Top 10 sit-stand desks

How to choose a sit-stand desk?

First and foremost, it is important to take your height into account when sitting and standing. In a seated position, being seated in the back of your seat, your forearms resting on the table should form a right angle with your arms. When standing, the desk should be at elbow height and the screen at face level.

Then you have to take into account your needs, the use for which the table is intended. Do you plan to use 3 desktop computers at the same time on this desk? Or are you just looking for a table large enough for a single laptop? The answer to this question will help you determine the optimal size for your office.

Finally, don’t forget to take your budget into account: keep in mind that electric models are much more complex and therefore more expensive than manual models. Whether the automatic height adjustment feature is essential for you or not is up to you.

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