Sticker on a license plate: A good idea?

Do you want to put a sticker or sticker on your vehicle’s license plate, but you don’t know how to do it, or if it is really legal?

Although it is forbidden to modify your license plate, affixing a sticker on it remains an act relatively tolerated by the authorities in practice, provided it is done properly. Find out the basics of what you need to know before deciding to put a sticker on your license plate.

Is it legal to put a sticker on a license plate?

The fact of putting a sticker on your license plate is not completely legal following the reading of the decree of February 9, 2009 fixing the characteristics of the license plates. Article 10 of the said text unequivocally prohibits the modification of license plates or of adding an element to them… any offender is liable to fines.

However, the fact of affixing a sticker on a plate, in particular at the level of the logo of the territorial identifier, remains variously tolerated in practice when the sticker does not hinder the visibility and reading of the identifiers of the plate. However, it is essential to check the legality of this kind of sticker beforehand.

Why put a sticker on your license plate?

Several reasons can motivate you to put a sticker on your license plate. In most cases the act is dictated by a concern for personalization and originality to stand out from the crowd and make your vehicle unique. Or simply the pleasure of wearing a symbol to which you are attached or something that fascinates you (color and logos of a region, a department or a club…).

How to properly place a sticker on your plate?

The installation of the sticker will not require any particular effort. Since the dimensions of the sticker are already optimized to the size of the license plate, no cutting or readjustment is necessary.

You just need to be sure to stick your sticker with precision in the frame intended for it on the far right of your plate. Make sure it adheres well and reposition it if necessary if it is not properly seated.

Tip for removing a sticker from a license plate

Removing the sticker from your license plate remains fairly simple and will not pose any particular problem to you. To remove it properly, you must first heat the sticker using a suitable tool (a heat gun or a hair dryer, etc.). Then you will scratch the surface of the sticker with a plastic squeegee or your finger to simply peel it off completely.

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