StreamComplete for streaming movies and series, a good idea?

StreamComplet is one of the many streaming sites available on the web. But is it a good idea to go to this one to watch your movies for free in streaming? After a brief summary of its recent history, we explain how it works.

StreamComplet – A little history

On December 14, 2018, the authorities decreed the blocking by service providers and the de-listing by Google of seven new streaming sites, accused of infringing copyright. Among them we find Libertyland, VoirFilms and the one that interests us particularly today, StreamComplet.

This sentence actually follows the one ordered by the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris on July 6, 2017 and which already affected the same sites. This improbable “update” is justified by the return of these streaming sites with new domain names, in order to bypass the previous blocking, and the birth of many clones.

But despite this new condemnation, the various historical players in illegal streaming are back again to play a dirty trick on the entertainment industry. StreamingComplet, and its clones, are therefore always available via a new batch of access paths …

How StreamComplet works

Like the vast majority of sites of its kind, StreamComplet presents itself as a directory almost entirely dedicated to streaming. However, where the platform differs from its competitors is that it specializes in movies. So there are no series, anime or music.

The site thus classifies its feature films in different categories such as action, thriller, horror, detective, romance… in order to list all the films of the genre under a single banner. Allowing Internet users to find the film of their choice, quickly and according to their desires.

Once the film has been selected, viewers can watch their film directly on the site or go through links from external hosts such as Uptostream, Streamango or Rapidstream to name only the most famous. This choice also makes it possible to have different access to the productions while potentially being blocked on one of them.

But if the platform is presented as a streaming site, it is also possible to download the various live download contents (DDL) with links to 1fichier, Rapidgator or Uptobox. These different services are comparable to the very famous MegaUpload which was closed a few years ago.

Pay attention to the StreamComplet address

If a streaming site therefore never really dies, with this observation, the task of Internet users wanting to go to the correct StreamComplet address is irreparably complicated.

The various blockages affected in particular the, and addresses. But as stated previously, a simple search on Google allows us to find several new extensions for the platform.

On the first search page we can cite:,, and But among these different addresses, it is difficult to really know who the real StreamComplet is.

If he is indeed part of this new agglomeration of domain names, the others are irremediably clones wanting to profit from his success. Unfortunately, these sites do not have a philanthropic vocation, they can be particularly dangerous to take a look. So pay attention to the StreamComplet addresses you visit.

Why can StreamComplet change address?

With our previous explanations, you must have already understood that if StreamComplet and others have to change addresses regularly, it is to survive the battles waged by the authorities against them.

And in concrete terms, nothing really prevents them from doing so. If in France we are used to seeing sites with the extensions in .com or .fr, or even in .net, there are in reality an incalculable number of them scattered across the web.

Blocking a domain name therefore simply forces StreamComplet and its clones to change extensions. Or even to drastically change the name, as Zone-Downloads did in its time to become Directory-Downloads. To cut off the head of a streaming site, it is to push back two brand new ones afterwards.

What is streaming and what is illegal?

Streaming is a technology for broadcasting audiovisual content on the Internet. Whether it is sound or video, this process allows users to view films, series, podcasts, music… directly in the form of a digital stream, without having to download.

As a technology very present on the web (Youtube is based on the same principle for example), streaming is therefore not illegal. What transforms a streaming service into a pirate site is to offer content for distribution without respecting copyright and therefore mainly without paying rights holders.

Make no mistake about it, StreamComplet, like PapyStreaming, LibertyVFn, Streamiz, Zone and VoirFilms, are sites offering pirated content and are therefore totally illegal in the eyes of the law. The struggle of the authorities and audiovisual professionals is therefore not just to look pretty.

To find a service that offers movies and series legally, you need to turn to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or OCS. It is true that not everything is available on these platforms, but by going through them, you contribute to the remuneration of rights holders and therefore to the financing of future productions.

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