StreamComplete to Watch Streaming, Is It the Best Choice?

Streamcomplet is a popular platform well known to streaming fans and movie lovers. Relatively recent, it quickly rose to the rank of the best free streaming sites and attracts millions of visitors every day.

The site offers a free, unlimited and ad-free streaming service via a simple and efficient web interface, accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone. But is it the best option for viewing your movies online? We have carefully considered the matter for you.

Streamcomplet overview

Streamcomplet is a benchmark in online content viewing. This platform gives you access to a free, unlimited and ad-free movie streaming service. Unlike competing sites like Extreme-download which also offer an option to download content, Streamcomplet is limited to their simple viewing.

The platform relies on simplicity and efficiency both in the presentation of its interface and the organization of its content, although you can remain unsatisfied as to their visual quality. Indeed, very few films are offered in HD quality. In addition, they are broadcast on a rather basic internal player which seems to respond above all to a concern for simplicity.

The interface of the site remains quite minimalist and intuitive. You will find on the home page of Streamcomplet: a selection of 20 films, a horizontal menu offering a classification of films by genre available on the platform, a vertical menu offering a classification of the most viewed films. As for the proposed catalog, it is quite impressive. The selection includes just over 6,700 films spread over approximately 336 pages. However, we can deplore the absence of sections dedicated to Series and Anime.

What is the history of this platform?

Streamcomplet is a young streaming platform that has almost nothing to envy to many other sites in its category. However, its history remains tumultuous. Qualified as a “structurally infringing site”, the platform was blocked following a judgment rendered by the Paris tribunal de grande instance on July 6, 2017.

This decision is the culmination of collective proceedings initiated by the Federation of Film Distributors, the Video Publishing Union and other organizations accusing Streamcomplet and 6 other similar streaming sites of the dissemination of infringing content. relevant provisions of the intellectual property code.

In the wake of the order of July 6, other more firm measures will be taken against Streamcomplet on December 14, 2018 by the French authorities under the leadership of the ALPA in agreement with the access providers ( FAI) and Google. The new sanctions provide for the blocking of the entire site by ISPs, its deindexing and its dereference by Google search engines. Ineffective measures in the face of a platform determined to remain active (albeit illegally) through bypassed access routes.

What is the address of Streamcomplet and why can it change?

Access to the Streamcomplet site is relatively difficult for Internet users. In the space of 2 years the platform has changed domain names several times: originally, then, and, these addresses have all been blocked.

Today you can access the site from However, it can change at any time. If blocked, you can simply go to the site’s Facebook page to get the new valid URL.

This frequent change of address is explained by the censorship of which the site is subject. Changing domain names and creating cloned sites are workarounds used by the people in charge of Streamcomplet to keep the platform online and continue its streaming services.

Why is streaming illegal?

The answer to this question requires having a precise definition of streaming. More simply, streaming designates a method of broadcasting content hosted on remote servers, then made accessible by audio or video stream to Internet users via the Internet. Seen in this way, it is more akin to a technological innovation in the audiovisual sector than to an illegal practice. The Paris Tribunal de Grande Instance recalls this very well in its order of July 6, 2017 cited above.

“Neither downloading nor streaming is in itself an illegal activity and they are completely legal, when they occur within the framework of a legal transfer of rights,” specifies the court. It is therefore necessary to make a difference by distinguishing between legal streaming services whose promoters operate in compliance with the legislation relating to intellectual property rights on the one hand.

And on the other hand, illegal streaming services (including Streamcomplet) knowingly distributing audiovisual works (films, series, animated films, music) that have been pirated or counterfeited without the prior consent or authorization or payment of copyright to rights holders. Basically, streaming becomes illegal when it is done outside of the legal channels provided.

Are there any risks for me if I watch streams?

The response is somewhat mixed. In theory, you don’t have to fear sanction when you simply view the content broadcast directly via the platform without downloading or storing it.

The legislation is stricter with regard to those responsible for streaming sites. For having disseminated content in an unlawful manner, they are liable to heavy fines and / or a custodial sentence.

However, in practice, it is not excluded that you are accused of complicity or concealment of counterfeiting in the context of possible legal proceedings for having, knowingly, fully benefited from the proceeds of a crime.

What are the alternatives to Streamcomplet?

Note that there are many alternatives to streamcomplet that may meet your expectations of online streaming very well. That said, it all depends on your posture on legality or not.

If you are a fan of free and illegal streaming, go to popular platforms like Papystreaming, Radego, HD LightStream, Galtro,, FilmComplet and many more that you can discover in our top 10 streaming platforms. free.

On the other hand, if you have opted for the legal streaming route, you will easily find your happiness with famous streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or OCS… for a monthly or annual subscription.

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