StreamiZ for streaming movies and series, a good idea?

If it is only a past glory of streaming, the name of StreamiZ still resonates in the heads of its former users for its huge offer of open access content. Still existing in different forms, is the site still a good idea to watch movies and series in streaming?

StreamiZ – A little history

You have to go back to 2011 to be able to observe the golden age of StreamiZ with nearly 250,000 unique visitors every day, for around 40,000 films available and 500 million views combined.

With these figures communicated by Sacem, StreamiZ could boast of being the second most famous illegal streaming site on the French web. However, his fate changed the same year after his administrator was pinned down by the authorities.

Following a complaint from the National Federation of Film Distributors dating from 2009, the avenging sword of justice went to his home, where he was found with 30,000 euros in cash in his personal belongings. .

After several years of calm and a summons to the Nanterre court in February 2018, the secular arm closed symbolically on the man who, if he did not appear before the prosecution, was nevertheless condemned.

The administrator is found guilty of counterfeiting and concealed labor. He was thus sentenced to 2 years in prison accompanied by a fine of 83.6 million euros to be distributed to the civil party made up of Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and several audiovisual unions.

How StreamiZ works

At the time when StreamiZ was prosperous, it presented itself as a huge directory where you could find in free access the latest series and fashionable films. It thus made it possible to watch them in streaming, but also to download them.

However, Streamiz played on an important nuance and which has today become a standard in the genre: the site did not host any files and only offered links to sharing platforms, such as MegaUpload and MegaVideo. Hence the “directory” side.

The very high traffic of this former streaming leader, however, brought in several thousand euros to its administrator who was paid by advertising. Money that was, of course, not paid to the rights holders of the content offered.

Watch out for StreamiZ clones

If the real StreamiZ site is no longer relevant since the leak of its manager, many clones have emerged on the Web to usurp its identity and thus benefit from its aura with Internet users.

At the time of writing, a little Google search for the word “Streamiz” allows us to find different addresses which are all well placed in the search engine result: ,,…

However, the majority of these clones were not born out of the desire to offer you streaming movies and series for free and without financial compensation. At best, this is simply the advertising exposure to generate profit.

But these clones can also pose some danger to users. For example, we can cite malware intended to take advantage of a vulnerability in your device and thus extract personal or banking information from you.

What is streaming and what is illegal?

In itself, streaming is not illegal and is simply the name of a technology for broadcasting audiovisual content on the internet. With streaming, files are thus hosted from an external server before being consumed in the form of a video or audio stream.

What is illegal is the use made of it by different streaming sites or services. The main cause of this illegality is the distribution of films, series or music without paying the copyright for this content to the rights holders.

This is how you can tell the difference between a legal or illegal streaming service. For example, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video are legal streaming offerings with the rights to the hosted content. Conversely, StreamiZ or PapyStreaming constitute an illegal offer by releasing money without paying copyright.

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