Striking dummy – Why is it the ideal ally to boost your boxing performance?

Boxing is a sport that requires continuous training, once out of the ring you still need to improve your performance. Having a punch dummy at home allows you to practice again, but that’s not the only advantage. It is the ideal companion to improve its performance and become the best in boxing.

A real ally for training

The punching dummy is, in fact, an improved punching bag to be able to train differently and for the boxer to use the maximum of his capacities. The punching dummy is made so that the boxer can press on important and more realistic points.

It is composed of a face, with eyes, a nose, a mouth as well as ears. But not all the joints of the body are represented and mobile, to have real sensations during training. The strikes are therefore more precise and allow you to train in depth with good objectives.

What are the advantages of a punch dummy?

To perform in this environment, it is important for the boxer to train frequently, he may not always be able to make it to the boxing gym, so it’s good to have some equipment at home. The punch dummy is the recommended accessory, because it has many advantages, which are as follows.

Allows you to improve your techniques and strengthen your skills

The punching dummy allows to have a real visibility on the target, the boxer’s vision improves and he can work at best these techniques learned in training. Being mobile is unpredictable, it is more difficult to predict his movements, it also allows to work on the mobility of the boxer as well as his precision. It allows you to work on precise points, to concentrate on these points and therefore to improve your technique, while being dynamic.

Allows you to work and apply your knowledge

Everything the boxer learns about his punching dummy can and should be applied in real conditions. Thus accompanied by a coach, he can tell him how to improve certain points, once back home he can once again work on his gestures. The model is a good solo companion, but it is also important to face real boxers.

What budget should you count for a good striking model?

When you have the ambition to become a good boxer, or even a professional boxer, you need good equipment. It is therefore essential to opt for a quality typing mannequin, the price is generally between 300 and 600 €. To choose the right one, you must take into account a few criteria:

  • Your build
  • Your level
  • The type of boxing practiced

These are 3 points that will direct you to the right punching dummy. This is important because if you do not take the correct model, it will not help you with your workouts and therefore improve your performance.

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