Studio container: Housing of the future?

If you watch the news regularly, you have surely seen reports on student accommodation consisting of stacked containers. Is this a crazy idea of ​​a few architects or a revolutionary idea?

The prefabricated container is far from being a novelty

First of all, we must immediately get rid of the idea that this choice is a creation. Prefabricated buildings have been around for decades, especially for construction sites. A construction site bungalow does not have the same decoration as a student accommodation, but all the functions and amenities are there: a space for sleeping, another for eating, a part for washing, electricity , running water …

The novelty consists in the stacking of containers. We expect to see this process more for a cargo ship carrying goods than for a university residence. However, the principle is quite simple and it is enough to climb stairs to the level of the doors so that everything is accessible as easily as in a real building.

It is not therefore a question of a technical revolution, but what it allows to be done and to hope gives a glimpse of great possibilities.

The container studio solves major problems

Inexpensive accommodation

The making of twenty containers obviously does not have the same cost for the manufacturer as the construction of a stone building. Investments are therefore possible for many cities that did not think they had the money to increase the number of housing (often social).

For residents, this is a boon as the rents are very reasonable. In addition, despite their sketchy appearance, thermal insulation is a model. When you have to count your money at the end of each month, saving a few euros on the energy bill is not trivial.

Fast constructions

A company like Containers Solutions can produce several dozen pieces per day. Imagine the speed with which it is possible to make a quarter of containers. Most often, it is the electricity and water connection that takes the most time.

This speed makes it possible to quickly accommodate people in the event of migratory flows or natural disasters. It is also a first choice solution as part of a campaign to reduce the number of homeless people.

Places in good condition

When you don’t have a lot of money and no guarantor to back you up, finding accommodation is like an obstacle course. People in this situation often end up renting the only property where they are accepted and conditions are generally not optimal. The accommodation is sometimes old, in poor condition with no renovation, very poor heating, very expensive, badly placed …

The container studio offers like new accommodation. The small area is optimized by the architect who, from the start of the project, knew what he wanted. It is then rented, as we have seen previously, at a reasonable price, while as it is often social housing, the access conditions allow the poorest people to access it.

Fight against overpopulation

The container studio is a concept that works a lot… in Singapore! There, rents have reached huge sums for two main reasons: the city is overcrowded and the rich Chinese are investing it.

On a space where usually a building of 10 apartments could appear, the containers allow to make about thirty studios. A real bargain to accommodate everyone!

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