Surf anonymously, safely?

Quick Access to Content – Summary

Using a virtual private network (VPN) – allows you to surf in a secure and anonymous way. Whether it is to protect your geographical location, your personal, banking or IP (Internet Protocol) address: the advantages of having a VPN are numerous and can avoid encountering problems concerning your anonymity in this 2.0 universe.

A little truth about VPNs

VPN: the ideal solution to protect your data

In the internet jungle, there are many VPNs to try to surf in your country or from abroad while remaining serene. Despite everything, some of them are not necessarily versatile, others are too limiting or too complex. Worse: some VPNs, not secure enough, put you at insane risks when you surf the net …

The choice of a major VPN player, such as NordVPN, will therefore be paramount so as not to take unnecessary risks and benefit from a quality virtual private network. Some sites also offer you a complete analysis on NordVPN.

Having a virtual network like a reliable VPN allows you to go on the internet without fear. In addition, some channels, websites or internet services require an IP address from a specific country. To be able to connect to it or to have access to content limited to one region: the VPN allows you to select the country concerned with an appropriate IP address in order to be able to bypass the restrictions put in place. Other countries, blocking the majority of information and Internet access, can, thanks to this secure virtual tunnel, hide their identity while unlocking the protections installed.

Fixed PC, laptop, smartphones or tablets: compatible VPNs

Thanks to new technologies and the responsive solution adapting the content to the size of each screen, you can fully benefit from a VPN on your mobile devices. The VPN solution allows, for example, to surf in complete safety, but also: to go to streaming sites, to have access to limited foreign channels or even to services like Disney +, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Having a trusted VPN like NordVPN to try to get past the censorship will be more than an option, but indeed a genuinely, simple and effective lever. It is not by chance that some people, living in censor countries, use a VPN for the security of their data. A subscription which will therefore be very useful for surfing in complete freedom.

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