Switch to Electronic Cigarette – Which E-liquid to Choose to Start?

When you start with the electronic cigarette, you have the impression that the world of vaping is very complicated. Also, opting for a given e-liquid is not easy when you start. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account a certain number of criteria namely: the PG / VG, the flavor or the nicotine dosage. This beginner’s guide puts everything at your disposal to help you embrace the world of vaping with confidence.

Which e-liquid to choose when you start?

Woman smoking an electronic cigarette

For beginners, the e-liquid par excellence is that of tobacco. Of course, you can vary the taste pleasures by starting with light fruity flavors or even minty scents. For light fruity flavors, we suggest melon, strawberry or citrus.

For minty scents, we suggest menthol tobacco or icy mint. After starting with these aromas, you can gradually switch to more raw aromas.

For your beginnings, do not hesitate to opt for the different products of Terpy. The Terpy online store offers high quality e-liquids at prices that defy all competition. You have for example the Classic tobacco, the Gold tobacco, the menthol aromas, the taste of custard cream and many others.

What is the best taste for electronic cigarette?

The most important thing is that the e-liquid of the electronic cigarette is to your liking. The e-liquid family is so large that you are spoiled for choice. First, we have the classics. These take on flavors that bring you closer to combustible cigarettes. Of course, the taste flavor is different, given the absence of tobacco.

Then we have the fruity flavors, the minty flavors and the greedy ones. About gourmets, it is a recovery of the flavors of cakes or pastries. This is the category of e-liquid reserved for confirmed vapers. Even if classic and minty e-liquids are the ones recommended for beginners, many prefer to experiment with fruity e-liquids to begin with.

What degrees of nicotine to start with?

Man smoking an electronic cigarette

The advantage with vaping is that you can choose your dosage. Also, e-liquids contain very pure nicotine which makes it less addictive. So, to start, you must start with a degree of nicotine ranging between 12 and 18 mg, not below. Also note that the TPD imposes a limit of 10 ml and 20 mg on the nicotine e-liquid in France.

What rate of PG / VG to choose?

It is a ratio that determines not only the amount of vapor produced, but also the intensity of the flavors. The PG (Propylene glycol) promotes more flavor while the VG (vegetable glycerin) promotes the production of vapor. When you start vaping, opt for an e-liquid that offers a PG / VG rate of 70/30. This will optimize the rendering of flavors with a relatively small amount of steam. You can opt for the balance between vapor and flavor with a PG / VG ratio of 50/50.

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