Tabby Cat: What You Need To Know About This Common And Mysterious Coat

The characteristic striped coat of some cats leads some people to think that they are a specific breed. However, these are just so-called tabby cats, which can be of completely different breeds.

Below, find out what sets these felines apart from others, the different patterns you may encounter, as well as the benefits their coat gives them.

Common distinctions of tabby cats

Although they are diverse and varied according to the breeds, tabby cats have one common distinction that is more than enough to identify them: it is this big “M” that they sport on the center of their forehead. It’s an impossible-to-miss capital “M” on the top of their head.

Aside from that, you can also identify a tabby cat by their eyes. In fact in these, the contours of their very round eyes, are highlighted by a black tint, as if they had put on eyeliner.

The different patterns on the tabby cat’s coat

In the wake of Tabby dresses, there are 4 patterns listed on the coat of tabby cats.

Tabby cat blotched tabby dress

The blotched tabby or even classic tabby: it is a marbled style that has very black curved lines at the shoulders and the side parts of the body.

Tabby cat mackerel tabby dress

Tabby cat mackerel tabby dress

The mackerel tabby: these are black lines that run parallel to the down of the cat from the paws to the back.

Tabby cat spotted tabby dress

Tabby cat spotted tabby dress

The spotted tabby: like spots, these are small black spots of various shapes, but generally round, which decorate the cat’s coat on all the body, except on the legs, tail and face.

Tabby cat dress ticked tabby

Tabby cat dress ticked tabby

The ticked Tabby: These patterns are mainly found on the legs, tail, and head. Very fine, these slightly black and shiny stripes, highlight the extreme parts of the feline. The rest of the body is made up of agouti hairs of different lengths and different colors that unite to give an almost uniform whole.

What can her tabby cat patterns be useful for?

Whatever the patterns of the Tabby pattern of the tabby cat, all competing for the same goal: that of allowing perfect camouflage. Indeed, it should be noted that tabby cats have a dress similar to that of alley cats and wild cats which are resourceful of nature.

So the Tabby coat is an excellent way to guarantee their survival both in terms of hunting and to escape possible enemies.

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