Take advantage of the restyling of a car to negotiate your purchase!

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All major brands follow the current trend of restyling; playing on buyers’ nostalgia or on the popular success of the old model, they offer new vehicles for which sales are generally good. A bargaining lever for a second-hand purchase? Here are some guidelines to learn how to use restyling effectively.

What is restyling?

If you want to put in place the procedures for the purchase of a used car (procedures to obtain the registration document, comparison of car insurance quotes, etc.), the recasting can be an excellent lever for negotiation on old models .

Restyling is the fact of making slight modifications to a model of automobile in order to bring it more up to date; but restyling most often does not bring any in-depth modification to the line of the car.

Restyling has become a standard among manufacturers, who play the card of the slight blow on the bodywork to boast of the putting into circulation of a “new” model and thus offer relatively substantial prices.

Restyling generally concerns additions to the bodywork or exterior equipment.

Some legendary models have thus been redesigned: for example the mehari, which has become e-mehari, underwent a facelift in 2018: addition of a hardtop, redesigned seats, new dashboard, electric motor which gains 20% of the torque. Developments that have allowed Citroën to give a boost to its sluggish sales.

Coastline drop

By definition, putting a new model on the market will mathematically lower the price of the old one.

The most savvy sellers will rush to sell their car just before the arrival of its little sister, and the others will suffer the consequences by being given a steep discount on their model. In both cases, the ball is in the buyer’s court, the urgency necessarily forcing the seller to lower prices.

A word of advice, watch out for the arrivals of new restyled vehicles, and seize the opportunity if you spot older models on sale. It is estimated that the discount can go up to 40% of the price of the vehicle!

New models not to be missed

In 2020, motorists are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the restyled Citroën C3; the media tout the line more consistent than that of the old model, as well as the many customization options.

The famous Renault Espace should also experience a second youth, to the delight of large families. Volkswagen is not left out and will set up a new restyled model of its city car. Connected, the brand does not call this operation a restyling but the “Up! 2.0 ”.

As you can see, it’s time to rush to the original models, which should see the price drop drastically in the coming months. You therefore have significant negotiating leverage in hand.

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