Taking a plane with a dog: What are the usual precautions?

Taking your dog on a plane is not always easy, especially with all the procedures and protocols to follow. Here are some rules to follow if you want to travel with your dog, as well as some recommendations for his comfort on the plane.

Rules for transporting a dog on an airplane

The rules regarding the travel of a pet on an airplane can differ from one airline to another. However, there are some common obligations that must be followed.

Before taking your dog on a plane, you must first find out about the conditions of transport of this one. Generally, a dog can accompany its owner in the cabin if its weight does not exceed 4 kilos. It is then put in a small transport bag designed for animals.

Otherwise, it will be put in the hold in a section reserved for animals. You will then be asked to provide a health certificate in order to verify if the dog is in good health.

Then, you have to settle all the administrative papers of the dog. Although he is not a human being, the owner still has to provide some records about him. Some companies only require a vaccination record to ensure the dog has been vaccinated, while others require a veterinary certificate, certificate of possession or even a passport.

If you are going to a foreign country, be sure to check the rules concerning the acceptance of dogs in the territory as in the USA.

In addition, airlines charge additional fees for transporting the dog. The price varies according to the company and the country of destination. Likewise, it also depends on whether your dog is in the cabin or in the hold. You must therefore inform yourself about any expenses intended for the dog.

Finally, many companies prohibit the boarding of certain breeds of dogs such as pugs, known for their breathing problems at altitude. It is therefore better to check whether your dog is accepted or not.

Recommendations for dog comfort on the plane

The problem of comfort arises especially for dogs placed in the hold. To prevent him from being uncomfortable, you need to offer him the best transport case. Moreover, he will not be able to get out of the cage during the entire trip. So provide a blanket for his comfort. Do not hesitate to speak to your veterinarian to take stock of your pet’s health. He will be able to tell you what he thinks of such a trip for your companion.

Then make sure the dog is always well hydrated and well fed. It is therefore necessary to learn about the ways to feed the dog. The companies recommend a bowl attached to the cage.

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