Tectake 400652– Dog Transport Box – Review & Test

Are you looking for a solution to easily transport your dog on your travels? You will be delighted by this 400652 dog transport crate from Tectake, which due to its ergonomics and robustness, will allow you to move easily with your doggie, in complete safety. Below, our video test and opinion on this Tectake transport crate.

Video Review and Test of the Tectake Dog Transport Cage

Where to buy your dog’s future cage, for a safe trip?

More information on the Tectake brand Transport Box

No more puzzles about having to figure out how to successfully transport your dog safely during your travels and trips by car.

Indeed, the crate offered by Tectake is spacious, comfortable and well ventilated, to make the journey in the car as safe and as pleasant as possible for your animal, but not only. It also preserves the interior condition of your vehicle and can, if necessary, serve as a refuge or bed for your dog.

Equipped with 2 compartments, it is even more practical and economical if you have 2 dogs. Its external aluminum structure gives it great strength, for a total weight of 19 kg. Finally, note that this dog crate is easy to assemble and maintain.

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