Tenswall – Essential Oils Humidifier with 7 Colors – Review & Test

The Tenswall brand essential oil humidifier is undoubtedly one of the best in its class. Original, simple and practical, it is ideal for diffusing purified fresh air, aromas or creating a relaxing atmosphere around you. Below is our video test and our review of this ultrasonic humidifier from Tenswall.

Tenswall Ultrasonic Humidifier Review and Test Video


Where to buy your Essential Oils humidifier?

More information on the Tenswall brand humidifier

The humidifier uses water, scented aromas and essential oils to diffuse a good smell and create the pleasant atmosphere you need around you to work calmly or sleep well. Thanks to its ultrasonic technology, it works silently to relax you in peace.

The diffuser has a capacity of 400ml allowing it to run continuously for 18 hours. Depending on your needs, you can set it to 1h, 3h or 6h. In addition, it automatically turns off when the water tank runs out. It has soft and bright LED lighting with 7 colors changing automatically or manually. Finally, its compact and portable design allows you to carry it and use it anywhere you want, to improve your mood and fend off stress.

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