Thailand – Is This Really the Ladyboy Dating Spot?

Dating with ladyboys is a real opportunity to live new and unforgettable experiences. In spite of the misconceptions which are made about this category of people, they are more and more widespread in most of the continents. Several people refer to the Asian continent, especially Thailand to meet transgender people. Find out why Thailand appears to be a real ladyboy dating spot.

Should we go to Thailand to meet Ladyboys?

Ladyboys also called transgender, transsexual or even katoey have been around in Thailand for several years. There are several strategic places to meet transgender people in Thailand.

Katoeys city and Pattaya

There are different bars located in the town of Katoeys in Thailand such as the coocktaoo at Soi Cowboy or the King Corner in Patpong full of ladyboys who gather there regularly to have fun.

When you go to these places, transgender people may voluntarily come closer to you.

Nightclubs or cabarets

You can meet transgender people from Thailand in several cabarets. It is more desirable to go to the cabaret called the Calypso. In addition, transsexuals are very numerous in nightclubs in Thailand and are looking for one-to-one relationships.

You will also find them in places of great affluence such as hotels, supermarkets, local markets …

What is special about Thailand for the ladyboy community?

In Thailand, “katoï” is the word most used to refer to transgender people. The latter are considered to be persons of the third sex of the country. Thais also consider ladyboys to be another type of woman.

Gender transformation is completely complete in the country. A man who wishes to undergo this change will be able to undergo surgical operations which modify his sex to replace it with feminine characteristics.

On the legal level, Thailand implemented a law on the legality of the sexes in 2015. This provision punishes all discrimination against people whose biological sex is different from their sexual expression. Thus, people of the third sex are helped in various situations.

There is a committee responsible for the promotion of gender equality in the departments of the country. Another committee is responsible for examining complaints from ladyboys who are victims of discrimination. In the event of discrimination, the penalties imposed on the accused vary according to the seriousness of the facts.

In addition, offenders are required to pay compensation defined by law to victims. As a result, transgender people are respected in Thailand and not looked down upon, as in many other countries.

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