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The choice of location (here the city) has always been a determining criterion for investments, especially when it comes to rental property investments. Naturally, not all cities have the same level of attractiveness in relation to investments.

In France, the metropolitan areas of Nantes, Rennes, Toulouse, Lille and Anger are among the top 5 most attractive cities for potentially profitable investments in 2021. Explanation.


Nantes has been sitting at the top of the rankings of the cities most favorable to investments in France for many years. Of all the opportunities it offers, real estate investments are by far the ones with the greatest potential for profitability.

The attractiveness of the city is based on a few key factors which give it enormous advantages. A dynamic and booming metropolis, it is a major employment hub that attracts an ever-growing population, mostly made up of young graduates.

Moreover, its geographical position gives it a strategic advantage due to its proximity to the ocean and the capital Paris, which it can reach in barely 2 hours by TGV.


A metropolis as dynamic as Nantes, Rennes has gradually been able to rank among the most attractive cities in France. It has significant demographic assets and represents a large employment pool. It is therefore not surprising that many companies have their headquarters and branches there.

Rental property investments are the most successful, with an estimated potential of 4.6% gross per year for an average of € 3,310 per m². A potential backed by the university character of the city and which investors intend to take advantage of. Renne is indeed home to several universities and grandes écoles which welcome thousands of students.


Pedestrian street in the city of Toulouse in France

The Pink City has lost none of its dynamism and attractiveness and naturally retains its place on the podium of the best cities to invest in in 2021. The metropolis is renowned both for the quality of life it offers and for its potential returns in terms of rental property investments.

Toulouse’s economic diversity attracts many companies and multinationals which find there a favorable market for the expansion of their activities.

It is also a student city which is home to several of the best universities in France with a community of over 100,000,000 students. Taking into account demographic changes, the city’s land stock is subject to constant development to meet the housing challenges of the population of Toulouse.


Already on the path to growth, the city has seen its attractiveness boosted with its recent integration into the Pinel system. Anger is home to multiple infrastructure projects in progress, including Tramway and High Speed ​​lines to Paris and other metropolises.

Rental property investments are on the rise there. Less expensive rental rates range from 2400 to 2500 € per m² for profitability easily exceeding 5% over the year.


building of the city of Lille in the north of France

Lille which occupies the 4eme place in our ranking of the best cities to invest is also one of the most important in France in terms of demography. It is indeed home to a demographic mass estimated today at more than one million inhabitants.

The metropolis is considered the hub of the economy in the northern part of the country. It intends to take advantage of its proximity to several major European cities such as London, Brussels and Paris. Real estate investments are very advantageous and constantly increasing.

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