The 5 most suitable cosmetics for seaside holidays

The sun, the heat, swimming in salt water… A summer vacation by the sea can put a strain on your skin. Here is a list of cosmetics to slip into your travel bag to protect it and have a quality tan that will last over time.

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Simple beauty routine for vacation in the sun (pool, beach)

Exfoliation of the face and body

It is advisable to erase your skin a few days before the first exposure to the sun. An operation to be repeated regularly during the holidays and after in order to remove dead skin cells. But as your face and your body are weakened by exposure to the sun, wind and sea water, it is better to opt for a gentle exfoliation. Products are particularly suitable, based on grapefruit essential oil and rice powder for example.

Sun protection

An essential for holidays in the sun. To protect and nourish your skin on a daily basis, before each exposure, good sun protection is mandatory, whether in cream, oil or mist. The rich, melting textures spread more easily and leave no traces. If you are going to swim, opt for creams that are water and sweat resistant instead. Sun care for the face stimulates melanin and thus allows a uniform tan, faster and that resists time.

Beyond the physical aspect, the cream provides protection to avoid sunburn which is dangerous for your health. For the first exposures, choose an SPF 50 index and avoid, especially at the beginning, exposure between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., which are the worst for the skin.


Moisturizer is a perfect complement to sunscreen. After your day at the sea, it is appropriate to nourish your skin which has been dried out by exposure to UV rays. This cream will reduce the signs of dryness and help you maintain a radiant complexion. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that fights against the effects of tightness in the skin.


If you want to wear makeup at the beach, opt for light products to let the skin breathe. Thus, the foundation should be avoided.

As an alternative or supplement, tinted sunscreens can make your skin more matte. A waterproof makeup and mascara are recommended to resist perspiration and contact with water. Lip balm is a good product to prevent dryness.

Hair care

And then, because it’s not just the skin that suffers from exposure to the sun, the beach and seawater, think about products for your hair.

You can opt for nourishing hair care and moisturizing shampoo to protect your hair. Exposure to the sun tends to dry them out, but it also bleaches them if you have dyed hair. In addition, they are damaged by wind and water. Thus, with the appropriate products, the scalp is restructured and salt and chlorine residues are eliminated. A sunscreen spray can also be applied during sun exposure to protect them from UV rays, like sunscreen does to the skin.

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